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  1. My kids also like Sassafras. They are 10 & 4.
  2. I purposely exposed my kids (twice) this winter when we had a large outbreak in this area - all three had it and now we're done! My sister's kids caught it from an unknown source a few years ago.
  3. Also, unschooling conversations seem to always end with people's feelings hurt - I think a good plan is to not take personally other people's definitions, issues, psychoses - which are generally more about them than you, anyway.
  4. I like how you laid out, step-by-step. your process of developing your plan for science - thanks!
  5. Thank you for the ideas! We are currently reading Twig, which is absolutely wonderful and enjoyed especially by my 4 year old, but my 9 year old is also listening along and likes it as well.
  6. I wonder if they have the kinks sorted out this time. Last time was an abysmal failure, I think.
  7. I think that's a great idea, Tammy! I haven't done that (except for read-alouds). I'm in a bit of a reading drought right now, and this might be just the ticket!
  8. As an adult who hasn't done very much algebra in the past 20 years, I found it to be a great reminder. I would say that if kids are having a hard time with a concept, going back to that point in dragon box and talking about it more explicitly might be helpful for some kids. That said, my rising 4th grader thinks it is a fun puzzle, and seems to get it (in that she understands what she needs to do - and it isn't just trial and error on each level). She doesn't understand exactly why it works - I'm hoping it will be helpful when we get around to algebra.
  9. For me, they are all calculated at their regular price when I add to my cart. :/ How is it possible to have so many different problems with their system??? I'm also seeing a bunch that are in the dollar sale, but also out of stock.
  10. Yes - we use T-Mobile. My husband has a phone that has averaged out to less than $5 a month for the past 3 years (bought a $100 credit, and then minutes don't expire for a year - can add on to make them roll over). My plan is $30/month - just 100 minutes, but unlimited data and texts for my android. Neither of us use the phone for talking very much. We have a landline. Lots more dead spots for us too, than my family members who use verizon.
  11. I've been trying this, too. But, how do you prevent grade 3 math from lasting 5 years?
  12. Surely someone here has a kid doing a usps project.... :001_smile:
  13. The sale is on - I started a new thread.
  14. Here. Anything good? Oops - already hopping thread here: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showthread.php?t=417672
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