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  1. When my child was in school they had a paper hand that they started each week with. Each time they misbehaved (whatever that was) they got a hole punched in one of the fingers. By the end of the week my daughter often didn't have any fingers left on her hand. No wonder she hated school. I really had a problem with the fact that they were using a body part to punch holes in.
  2. Phonics Road is great and very systematic in the way it teaches. If you want your children to learn the rules, the rule tunes can't be beat.
  3. I'm wondeiring what the best set/deal is for this. I'm wanting to get it for a Christmas present but also to use for science so I wanted the set that includes the education book but I'm not sure which one it is. Can anyone help me with this. Also do I need to get an extra board or anything else for two kids to be able to use them at the same time or do I need to get two complete sets. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. Hi, You can do cc with any curriculum you decide to use, but you may decide that it is to much or maybe it won't be. Also you can use SOTW with MFW but you need to look ahead because MFW uses SOTW in some of their years. I would probably do the MFW program and listen to the SOTW audio book ( we do a lot of audio learning) you could also do some of the activites that go along with SOTW but MFW already has a lot of activities to do . Hope that helps some.
  5. Well the great thing about a phonic based spelling program is that you are getting two things done at once. Learning spelling and constantly reviewing those phonics rules.
  6. No, I would not pay someone to tell me how I need to home school. There is to much good information out there that cost much less than that.
  7. virtual class/videos like they did last year? Just wondering if I missed hearing about it.
  8. My boys love just watching the sonlight science dvd's. Sometimes they pull out stuff around the house and do the experiments on their own but they do enjoy just watching them.
  9. I have MFW ECC and I think the Trip Around The World and Another Trip Around the World books look good to add some extra activities in.
  10. OK , thanks! I do think the MUS blocks are a different scale. And my boys do math at the same time together that is why I was wondering if I'm going to need 2 sets. We do have 2 sets of all of our other manipulatives. So now the question is what about that 1000 cube, where do I get that? It doesn't come with the set of base 10 flats does it? And how many of those do I need?
  11. In a previous post you said that it would be good to order the base 10 flats along with Miquon. I am going to use this with 2 dc at the same time. Should I order 2 sets of the base 10 flats? Also I already have the MUS blocks would they work (for the flats)or do I need to order the base 10 flats. I am ordering the c rods. Thanks for the help.
  12. Did you buy the download of MM if so print it out in color, it doesn't have to be black and white. Also the author says that you can skip around somewhat to break things up if a chapter is to long or drawn out on the same thing go to a different chapter like time or money or measurement and letter her do some fun math to break up the other basic stuff. You will still eventually cover it all.
  13. Well I haven't gotten to D yet but I can tell you what I would do. I would go through the beginning of D and make myself an outline of what lessons I wanted to do, or even what parts of certain lessons I want to cover. I know because I have had to do this with RS before. I also would do something to keep reviewing those facts. One thing that you might consider is supplementing with something else. I do it at a grade lower so that the material is mostly review and is presented in a different way which I think is good. This year I'm using CLE, we love the way the flashcards are organized for review, and that there is a timed drill with each lesson. I can't believe how much my boys have gained from flashcards and timed drill ( which both only take 7 minutes per day) And how much they enjoy them, maybe because its different and they have never done anything like that before. I do love the way RS teaches the concepts.
  14. I would love to be able to look for and purchase things from currclick, but I have never been able to download anything from them. :(
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