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  1. We're currently living in San Jose, CA and thinking of moving to Portland metro area. We'd like to learn more about Christian homeschool support groups in the area (co-ops, get togethers, sports/activities, etc). Can you tell me any information? Websites, yahoo groups, anything? Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Stripe! I love hearing your thoughts on these sets. But in the beginning of this thread, it sounded like you weren't too thrilled with the Golden Windows set, but do you like them better now? Esp compared to the other sets? If anyone else wants to help push me one way or the other the best anthology set to get (mostly nonfiction based, but some fiction is ok too), I'm all ears. I just ordered the volume on Mathemagic by Childcraft after reading the amazing reviews about it. Will try to remember to report back after it arrives!
  3. I've read through the entire thread, and wondering, after all that, if you could only buy one set of anthologies, which would you recommend? I don't own any of them (yet!), and want to get a set that has interesting content based on history or science or world cultures with some fictional content ok, but not completely all fairy tales, with beautiful nostalgic pictures. Picturesque book of progress? Book of Knowledge? Childcraft? Bookshelf for Boys and Girls? Thank you in advance! :001_smile:
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