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  1. I just saw your post and hope you found the answer. However, I thought I'd respond just in case. The site has had some problems in the past few weeks. It has actually occurred all year. Looking back, I wish I would have printed everything off in the beginning. It seems like whenever I needed something, the site would be having issues. After you sign in, go to Teacher Resources. Choose the unit, then chapter, then you can access worksheets or tests. The answers are now all under the Answer Key, but in the beginning the test key was under End Matter. Be warned that this site changes and occasionally stops working altogether. It has been a frustrating year! I hope I was able to help.
  2. Thanks for all the responses! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. I don't have a solution yet, but at least I know I was alone. I'm looking at the online course at Oklahoma State, but I can't decide 100%. Any thoughts?
  3. I will admit that my first impressions haven't been great. They didn't mail out my curriculum when promised. I had to call several times. It took 2 weeks to arrive and should have arrived in a few days. The disc they sent was blank so I had to call again and have another mailed out. I have a hard time getting someone to answer the phone or return my messages. It's just been a frustrating experience all around. I read some great reviews so it's been rather disappointing that my experience has been so poor. I called again today for help, but no one answered so I decided to send an email. Hopefully, I will get some feedback.
  4. No, this isn't just what he says. I check the tests and look through the book when I have questions. I also check each exercise in the book and do most of it with him. On the first test, he was suppose to translate sentences with words that were never covered in the lesson, and one of the words was also used in the composition section. There were plural adjectives used in the oral section and answer the following question section which was not covered in Lesson 1 either. For test 2, one of the words for dictation was spelled wrong on the answer key, and the plural form of the adjective was not explained for the word celular. Also the composition section is extremely difficult when you haven't learned that many words. I realize this may not seem like that big of a deal, but my son studies a lot for his tests. He is really making an effort. When he missed things that aren't covered, it's extremely frustrating for him because honestly it's unfair. I don't hold him responsible for material that isn't taught, but as a student, who wants to take a test when you know there are going to be items that you are clueless about. I feel like this is a supplement and certainly not a stand alone product.
  5. I am obviously not breaking any barrier right now! My son has been working through this program. He just finished taking the second test, and I feel clueless. Both tests have information that has not been covered. He has also found items that show different things in the book vs. test key. I admit that my Spanish is almost nonexistent, but I thought this was a beginner program from the ground up. Obviously, I'm not implementing this correctly, or I need to actually know Spanish well in order to master this program. Any suggestions on how to actually use this so that it works? Please tell me that I didn't blow $100 on yet another homeschooling product that isn't going to work!
  6. I contacted Norton yesterday after receiving my book in the mail. When I read the back and saw answers were available I went online immediately. I had to end up calling. Then, I've had to jump through some hoops emailing back and forth. Now, it appears I have to contact yet again the lady I originally spoke to. She warned me that it was a process and that I would have to fax or email her proof of homeschooling status. After all of that is approved, I would pay $20 for the answers. It's been annoying, and I'm only hoping it's worth it!
  7. Which edition do you use? I noticed you mentioned in another post that there is a full and shorter edition. I found this ISBN-13: 978-0618299805, but I'm not sure which it is. Also, did you purchase tests for this? We are using an umbrella school this year and need tests. I don't really want to write them myself. (lazy! :blush:) I did find this site: http://college.cengage.com/polisci/wilson/am_gov/9e/students/index.html I was thinking of using the chapter tests and chapter focus questions for the tests. Any thoughts since you have taught this before?
  8. We made our own for my son to use with friends too. My husband had no trouble doing it.
  9. My friend went through this last year, but she lived too far away for me to help her. She needed help washing her hair. Anything that requires raising your arms is hard. Your friend is very lucky to have such a support group!
  10. I have been looking at biology for awhile. I can't seem to decide. I just don't want to have to make the tests myself. I'd rather use the Macaw book, but I can't seem to find the tests for purchase. Which book has the tests, the teacher's edition?
  11. So if I purchase the Teacher's Manual from OM the tests are included? I couldn't find any information about the Teacher's Manual or tests so I wasn't sure.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check all of those out. My son loves to read so programs like BJU wouldn't really work for us.
  13. So far I have decided on continuing with R&S for grammar and VfCR/WW for vocabulary and adding IEW TWSS to help me reinforce writing skills which may or may not need to include the SWI-C. I can't seem to decide on literature. I have looked at IEW WttW/TTC with syllabus, Smarr Intro. to Lit., and EiL Intro. to Lit. English I. I like the books included in EiL. I just don't know if it includes enough literary analysis or writing instruction. I think Smarr looks good, but my son has read some of those books recently. He has also read some of the few required for the IEW syllabus. I have never seen any of these programs in person. I have read the Hive and looked at the online examples, but I just am not able to decide. I guess I'm just freaking out since this is 9TH GRADE for my ONLY child. I can't mess this up! Someone want to talk me down from the ledge! :scared: FYI: I know a lot of people use the LotR literature curriculum, but my son has read the trilogy so many times that I just don't think that would be a good option.
  14. I called, and if I am remembering correctly, the syllabus is for the student, but the teacher's manual is for the teacher so it includes answers for the assignments and tests. I think we are going to use this for 9th next year. I've never used OM before, so I can't wait to check it out.
  15. We have always written everything out on paper. My son writes large, and I like him to show every step.
  16. I bought the book a couple of months ago. The pictures are wonderful and so far my son has enjoyed reading it. We are watching the it on Netflix as he reads through it.
  17. Thanks for the link. I'm back to the drawing board. I can't seem to find anything I like for Spanish, or what I do like is not Mac compatible. I'm about to pull my hair out! I don't want to spend a fortune on one subject, but I want a curriculum that teaches my son well.
  18. Anyone used this? I have a Mac so SOS won't work. I am trying to find a good Spanish program that I don't have to teach. Visual Link doesn't have the Mac version available yet so I'm on the fence. Thanks!
  19. We have used all the books in the Mindbenders series and CT book 1, which was hard for us also.
  20. My son is doing daily Bible readings so he can read through the Bible in a year. He will also be reading Do Hard Things and Start Here. I'll probably add more books when he finishes those.
  21. Thanks for replying! It sounds great! What other logic program do you use along with it?
  22. Does anyone use this series for middle school? I know they are recommended in TWM, but after searching, I can't seem to find anything about them in the forum. We have never used any of them. My son is doing American history for 8th grade, and I thought about purchasing the set. However, I wasn't sure if that was too much for one year. Thanks for any suggestions!
  23. I think I had my son too early, or SWB wrote these things too late! :) We used FLL and SOTW, but we missed out on all the other grammar and writing. He will be in 8th this year, so we have missed out again! I'm so jealous!
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