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  1. I probably could have at some point, but it's now too late. :sad: I thought that after I submitted there would be another field to fill. Thankfully, its only one college affected by this; I emailed them directly to see what I can do next. There have been so many other issues with the Coalition Ap - the Common Ap was much easier.
  2. We are REALLY disliking the Coalition Ap - clunky and nonintuitive. I just uploaded the transcript, expecting to be able to upload the course descriptions separately, like in the Common Ap, but there seems to be no option for this. I'm wondering if I was supposed to make one document that included both - oops. Anyone done this?
  3. Thank you, both of you! Wow, those are amazing essays from a 13 and 14 yo!! I also appreciated reading the comments on Regentrude's DD's essays, especially those of Ester Maria. Part of DS's frustration is the "formula" of these types of essays, so it was nice to hear another opinion about that. (Edited because somehow I missed RootAnn's response initially.)
  4. We need some inspiration. DS is discouraged by what he feels are "horrible" essays that shouldn't be written because they are so obvious. I've been trying to explain that literary analysis can be insightful and interesting, but this is not my strength.
  5. Our transcript-in-progress has a bunch of classes called "_____ with AP exam" (for the ones we did at home), and a few MIT OCW courses. There is a note on the side that says weighted grades: +1 point for classes using AP or MIT OCW materials. No extra weight for "honors." We list both weighted and unweighted GPA.
  6. You can play one-player or against others online. DS is currently playing with a good friend who lives in another country; I think they are teaming up right now as Spain and France in the 1500s... interesting. Probably too late for Christmas buyers, but for those who are still interested -- DS says its extremely complicated, and he is still figuring it out, but a patient 12-13 yo who enjoys complicated strategy games would enjoy this.
  7. Sorry for the delay in responding. You can purchase through Steam, and so you need to open a Steam account. You can then download the game on any computer using that Steam account. So, no, you do not need to purchase it twice for two computers. However, only one computer can be logged onto the same Steam account at one time. You can easily play the game offline, so that shouldn't be a problem. The only thing they couldn't do is play against each other, which would require both of them to be online at the same time. Yes, you play with a mouse and keyboard. :)
  8. No that's definitely not the sale price!! I can't remember for certain, but I think that "Grand Strategy Collection" linked earlier was $20 when on sale. Keep checking back; I think they go on sale quite frequently. 75-80% off seems typical. And FTR, my DS only owns Europa Universalis 4 and there is plenty just with that to keep you busy for a long time. (Although he tells me that he is interested in Hearts of Iron 4 which is due out soon.)
  9. DS says that in playing EU for about 25 hours, he hasn't seen anything. The ESRB rating mentions brief references to sexual material. It's rated Teen for "Drug Reference, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Themes, Mild Violence ." Sorry I can't find more details for you. Maybe Mike in SA or someone else with more experience can speak to this better.
  10. Yes, DLC (downloadable content) refers to the expansion packs. Yes, each game covers a different time period. DS was saying that it would be difficult to actually play straight through from Crusaders to Hearts of Iron, as they are separate games -- when you start each one, it will restart everything to look historically like that point in time. DS recommends just googling for information about the expansion packs related to the game you want (Europa Universalis, or Hearts of Iron, or whichever time period game you are interested in). There is a lot of information available abou
  11. DS says this looks like a great deal! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/paradoxgrandstrategycollection_storefront He recommends some expansion packs to go with it. He suggests googling for advice about expansion packs; apparently there is a lot of info available about each option.
  12. Thanks Mike in SA for explaining how the game differs from Civilization. DS was explaining that in Civilization, if you play well you can have nuclear weapons in the 17th century; it really is all about technology development. E.U. places much greater emphasis on diplomacy and the balance of power involving several factors. This is where it gets complicated -- the game is continuously keeping track of your legitimacy, power, stability, prestige, manpower, treasury, and several other factors I can't remember. Also, Civilization is played by taking turns. E.U. is simultaneous; while you are
  13. Yes, it is similar to Civilization but much more detailed.
  14. I did a search for this and couldn't find anything, so thought I'd submit a very brief review. DS 15 has been raving to me about how great the video strategy game Europa Universalis IV is. Basically you choose a country and play as that country in whichever time period you choose, anywhere from the mid-1400s to the mid-1800s. After taking AP World last year, he feels this should be part of a World History curriculum. The makers have gone to great lengths to provide historically accurate information about each time period. In particular you learn a lot about the balance of power in a regio
  15. My DS took this course last year as a 9th grader and loved it. He was continually sharing with me interesting things he was reading about. The "workbook/diary" is essential and was very engaging; he also used the Barrons AP guide. He got a 5 on the AP test, which he felt he was well prepared for.
  16. DS took this class and was also frustrated with the many assignments that didn't seem to add anything to his understanding of world history or his preparation for the AP exam. Several of the assignments encouraged thoughtless work, like the class competition that required comments on other classmate's work - any kind of comment. The results were sometimes hilariously off. We did find her responsive and helpful, though. DS had some health challenges, and she was very understanding. He also wanted more practice writing timed essays, and she was willing to read and respond to several extra e
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