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  1. Thank you! This is what I saw on their site as well. I've been considering Thinkwell for a long time but hadn't looked through the details. Looks good.
  2. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I've never purchased a "12 month web access" type course before. If you purchase it now, does the 12 month access start now? In which case it wouldn't work if I want the course for next school year, right? Or do you control when the access begins somehow?
  3. Hilarious!! :laugh: That's awesome.
  4. So in reading through that CC thread it seems that if a student takes the ACT cold, with little prep, and then digs in and preps a LOT before taking it again, they need to understand that a large increase in score will necessitate them retaking the test a third time. There seems to be no record of a student actually winning a challenge of the cheating accusation (by providing documentation or character references or whatever)- they need to retest and get a score within a few points of that flagged score. This seems important information to spread around about the ACT. Don't take it without
  5. DS was accepted at Georgia Tech! :hurray: Excited for him. And my thoughts immediately go to the WTM forum folks - everything we needed to know about the college admission process we learned from the generous people here. :001_cool:
  6. My DS enjoyed using MIT OCW for multivariable (as well as differential equations). https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-02sc-multivariable-calculus-fall-2010/ He only occasionally used the textbook Vector Calculus by Marsden and Tromba.
  7. Just wondering if anyone here is a "Premium" member at the Dyslexic Advantage site and if they think it is worth the cost? $60/ year seems high to me.
  8. Yes, I'm happy to sit and type for her if I need to. She has used the free Dance Mat Typing off and on, but we just recently started TTRS (she is dyslexic; she doesn't love TTRS so far but I think its working.) We're a bit late to get serious about typing for her. :blushing:
  9. Athena's Academy looks great! I wish she were interested in all things reptilian because that would be too cool if she took the class taught by your daughter, Dmmetler! My boys would have loved that. Sigh. Anyway, I love the look of their community. Do you happen to know how their Minecraft courses work? (Or even how to find the ones that use Minecraft? A simple "Minecraft" search doesn't work.) Thanks!
  10. She's working on her typing - it's definitely not up to the level where she can do it easily. I would probably need to help her if she needed to respond real time to something.
  11. WOW, Outschool looks AMAZING! And some of the classes haven't started yet. Since I only started looking now, I was assuming most options would be for this Fall, but if we can find short classes for this semester, that would be great. I love their classes, too - they look very fun and right up this kid's alley. Looks like the other two you mentioned are more traditional in terms of timing, but I will go through them while making plans for this Fall. Thank you!!
  12. Does this exist? I have an extroverted 5th/6th grade DD who would benefit from a socially interactive class. Right now we're living in a place with very little available in terms of IRL classes she can take. The subject matter could be almost anything - if it was a fun class, we could work it in somehow.
  13. I'm not familiar with the program, but we relied on their decodable readers. LOVE them! http://eps.schoolspecialty.com/products/literacy/readers/spire-decodable-readers/about-the-program
  14. Timberly, have you started using this yet? I feel like demos always look great, but I'd love to hear from people who are actually using it. The link you included says that it is Read & Write - does that come with Co Writer? Have you used the reading function on it, and do you like it? The writing functions look awesome as well - would love to hear how your DS is using this.
  15. I'm using Snap N Read now on my computer and on DS's. I LOVE that it can scan text in a PDF or any image. It's a bit buggy sometimes, but overall it's the best I've found. Thanks! I think I learned of it from a post you made on a different thread about it.
  16. Ruth, I just read your posts to my son, and I think you've sold him on this - at least he's willing to give it a shot! Yay! He is 16 with a busy schedule, so not sure he can do 30 min. daily, but we'll see. My 10 year old dyslexic daughter also wants to try, but her typing needs to improve a bit first. Thanks again!
  17. So I just realized that have something that will read Word documents already, but not something for PDFs or other online text. I watched the video from Timberly's post and see that it is actually Read&Write, which is one of the numerous things I've already tried - their free version, which has extremely limited functionality. I need to hear from people who are actually using it before I spring for the full-priced version. I've found that the demos always look so good, but the trial versions are terrible. So then I'm hesitant to pay for the full version.
  18. That sounds awesome, but I don't see that mentioned on their website - it only addresses the writing features (which are really cool). I don't see any mention of CoWriter READING for you. Do you have a link to that info?
  19. All I can find on our computers (Windows 10) is something called Narrator, which seems pointless. It reads everything I have no need to hear, and nothing I want it to read. I was so excited to find a list of keyboard commands online to get Narrator to read documents, but every single one elicits the response "Command not available."
  20. Thank you so much for all the details!! And how awesome that your son is willing to work hard on this. My dyslexic son is so disheartened by his difficulty spelling (and finding nothing that seems to really help). I wonder if he would be open to trying something like this.
  21. I have tried so many options, and none seem to work. I've mostly been trying the free versions, but I figure if I can't get the free version to work well, why would I pay for the full one? DS needs something that will read PDFs, web pages, Word documents on his computer. I'd love to hear what others are using!
  22. Ruth, what did you do when he spelled a word wrong? Did he practice it somehow? Did you keep repeating the book until he had mastered all the words? I love this idea and crave more details!
  23. Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but these sentiments always strike a nerve with me. What if you have a kid who gets perfect scores on every single exam with little prep? Who takes loads of APs because when he looked at the options, he was interested in nearly all of them? So do colleges assume that he is just trying to look good? Should I have steered him away from APs and forced him to come up with unique classes instead? (One of the things we did, that I'm not always sure was the best idea - was to NOT turn into a class some things he was learning about for fun - I didn't feel confide
  24. We have a kid who will take the PSAT in another country this Fall. It's not difficult. In fact, for us it is easier than begging the US high schools to include our homeschooler (at least this was our experience). International schools offering testing overseas are often set up to take any students interested. Just look up the city and country on collegeboard to find a school that does the PSAT. She may need to travel a bit depending on which city she is in. In Italy, for example, there are 16 schools that offered the PSAT/NMSQT last Fall. https://ordering.collegeboard.org/testorderin
  25. DS got a 5 after the class with Kathryn Walker. He says the live discussions were interesting - they got better after everyone loosened up and did video :).
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