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  1. Ditto what freesia said regarding the overall workload. Kathryn Walker wrote a recommendation for DS, and she was the ONLY one who did it quickly and didn't need reminders! :)
  2. Another recommendation for Kathryn Walker! She is one of DS's favorite teachers. The class discussions were interesting, his writing improved, and he sincerely enjoyed the class. A big reason for choosing her over others was weekly assignments as opposed to daily assignments, which would have driven DS crazy. He likes having his week planned out in advance.
  3. That looks very interesting, though I suspect it will be difficult for DD. I love the concept of chunking to gain an understanding of phrases and clauses. Also love that the examples are all sentences from good childrens literature. Thanks!
  4. We used Wilson until her reading was at grade level, which it is now. Her spelling is still atrocious, and I've been inconsistent (and frankly overwhelmed and feeling a bit hopeless about it) - have decided to make consistency a bigger focus after the holidays.
  5. Sounds like a good thing to try! (The link you gave was off I think - unless there is an ingenious way to use storage boxes to teach sentence structure, which would be a great concept! :-) )
  6. Yes, but "When the big elephant sat" is a dependent clause and not a complete sentence, even though it has a noun and predicate. This is what trips her up. If the volcano erupts Where the monkeys were playing Near the laughing clown Noun? check. Verb? check. Sentence? Nope.
  7. My dyslexic 10 yo still struggles with this. "Expresses a complete thought" seems to be the piece she doesn't get. Any advice?
  8. DS was accepted to University of Michigan Engineering, Ann Arbor :hurray: We are thrilled, and I am relieved. This is mine and DH's alma mater, though we are now OOS, so although DS has grown up hearing GO BLUE, we had prepped him for his slim chances. Not sure he will end up there, but it feels very validating. :001_smile: CANNOT fully express my gratitude to the amazing people on this forum who generously offer advice and guidance. Thank you so much!!! :001_wub:
  9. Well, this guy got back to DS a few hours later and was very apologetic. Ended up doing the interview spontaneously right then. It went fine, but we were pretty upset beforehand - this person should not be an interviewer (the email response after his second time standing up DS referred to a time two hours later than scheduled and was something like - yes, we're meeting at XX time, right? -- Seriously? You can't read the preceding emails to see the time you agreed upon?).
  10. Yes, I think we should - after decisions come out. :laugh:
  11. Yes, alumni interviews. Thanks, that sounds good!
  12. So DS was stood up for the second time by his interviewer just now. After the first time, the interviewer apologized later and said he was having trouble with Skype (it was a strange email back and forth and frankly didn't really make sense), and he suggested a different time. DS waited for him online just now, and he never showed up, and hasn't yet responded to email. We're telling him to request another interviewer. DH is saying that for future interviews, DS should send them an email reminder the day before. This seems potentially insulting to me, though. What do you think?
  13. Yes, I was thinking about the colleges that have not received anything from him yet - there are several he hasn't submitted yet. We did have the scores sent to all the schools. OK. I know its not essential on the transcript, which is why it seems strange to add in an "Optional Report" new transcript with that minor change. I like having the scores on the transcript because I feel like it validates all the grades.
  14. Is it possible to submit an updated transcript on the Common Ap to include the latest test scores? I can't see how to do it other than submitting an "Optional Report" where you can submit "updated grades or transcripts", but I'm not sure if its really necessary to do it as they will be getting the scores directly from College Board anyway. Would be nice to add it in because he did awesome :laugh: but I'm not sure if I should submit a new transcript just for that. (Asking this question about a month late; I only just realized that his SAT score isn't on the transcript - oops).
  15. One DS used the old Teen Coder Java course (self study) in 8th and got a 5 - felt it was easy. The other DS used Edhesive in 9th and also got a 5, though he found Edhesive to be somewhat difficult to use - it seemed buggy, which was funny. Both used Scratch for a few years, but that's it as far as programming experience, though both are mathy kids. I think if a student enjoys programming they will find it easy.
  16. Yup, they will ferry that booklet around. DS did this last year, taking APs at three different schools, in three different cities, going back and forth between them all.
  17. I don't think there is anything wrong with getting help. What seems horrible is how drastically this helper was ready to change the student's words/ thoughts/ even experiences (!) to something he or she felt was somehow superior. I can't imagine Bravewriter ever doing anything like that - I'm sure they wouldn't, as the best thing about them IMO is how well they help a student develop their unique voice. Maybe not all such services are as bad as College Vine, though - this is just the first example I've seen of how a service can edit a student's work.
  18. Just a vent here. I know the topic of helping with essays has come up a few times before, though I can't remember reading about these advertised essay services. DS is in the thick of it - has finished the early ones and is slowly working on some that are due much later. He is a very slow writer, and its definitely not his strong suit, so this has been a huge time suck. But he's plugging away, and he'll occasionally have me read one and give suggestions. My feedback is usually to point out places which are unclear to me - I'm not sure exactly what he is saying and can he think of a more
  19. Speaking of college ap essays, if you want a service to completely rewrite it for you, inserting their own ideas and opinions and making better use of a thesaurus than you ever could on your own, you can sign up here: https://www.collegevine.com/apply/submit-essay/?utm_campaign=RER%20Campaign%202017&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=57847837&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_zQPV6uY6INI9VWJ2O89bsfWfOiVZos3p9SObouqb_LoUNigDTqL9u_7qA06g2R14czbLD-yUL7m7M99Wv2cNghFQICA&_hsmi=57847837
  20. I agree!! I have to say that the whole process was much more pleasant than I had expected. Looking at everything all together, the culmination of our homeschool, was very rewarding. We're always focusing on the semester or year at hand; it was really encouraging to see it all put together on that one transcript. And then after working hard on all those documents (me with my stuff, and DS with his essays), it is very satisfying to know that DS has been presented in the best, most accurate way we could - wherever he gets in or doesn't get in, we know we did our best and will trust the proces
  21. Yup, this is all DS ever needed for Precalc/Calc, and he loved it - still plays around with it occasionally. It's currently $42 on Amazon, which is about what we paid for it a few years ago. I'm sure I learned about it from this board.
  22. OP, thank you for posting!! I had completely forgotten about this and had just assumed that the recommender had done his job (it was sent to him almost as soon as we got it). After reading your post I checked and noticed he hadn't done it! DS emailed him (letting him know that it meant a full ride at a college he is interested in) and he did it the next day - I think he had just forgotten about it. :tongue_smilie: Whew! So glad you posted!!
  23. Wow, this is astounding for a student with dyslexia!! Congrats to both of you!! Anyone who is familiar with dyslexia will understand how profoundly significant those anyway awesome achievements are. As both of these posters mentioned, I've been thinking that dyslexia is a significant part of my DS's life - both the challenges and the strengths, and it will explain a lot about his high school career. I had never considered not mentioning it. Its not only about accurately representing him, but also about finding the right fit - he will need a college that can accommodate in certa
  24. Yes! I love this, and this is just ONE reason why the Common Ap is so much better than the Coalition Ap - at least this year any way.
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