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  1. What does DS need? We had been thinking that a few dress shirts and dress pants (and maybe a tie), and one pair of dress shoes, would be sufficient. But now I'm wondering if he needs a suit or blazer? He is used to living in shorts and Tshirts and pulling out a polo shirt and khaki's very occasionally. He'll be in upstate NY, so in addition to good winter coat and boots (and warm layers), now I'm also wondering if he needs a dress coat? TIA!
  2. This is what my parents did - bought two cheap 6-seater tables. I remember that we had fun making different configurations for variety (L,T, etc). What I like about that is the freedom to relax about what happens to the table(s) - to not feel like it has to be super-protected with a heavy pad. They also had a formal dining room set that was only used occasionally (and was always covered with a custom pad). We have one dining room; I really want to avoid a table that needs a lot of protection.
  3. PPs had suggested making a table as well, but I assumed it would be too time consuming (knowing that DH would insist on him doing it and would not be ready to spend that kind of time), but that video makes it look very simple! So, with a table like that you will have grooves on the tabletop -- is using wood filler sufficient?
  4. So nice! But now I have a maybe dumb question: doesn't gunk get stuck in the crevices of a table top like that?
  5. So nice! Love it. But I would be so nervous about ordering that without seeing it first!
  6. Great to know! I will be checking out estate sales while we have free time this summer. BTW, I was looking at Ethan Allen furniture online to see current prices, and not all of their stuff is made in the USA: https://www.ethanallen.com/en_US/shop-furniture-dining-room-tables/christopher-dining-table/386504.html?dwvar_386504_finish=506?site=#prefn1=tableSize&prefv1=Seats+up+to+10&start=1
  7. Thanks, everyone! I will be checking out estate sales - hadn't thought of that. As well as Value City (never would have imagined you can get durable furniture from there) and IKEA. I would LOVE to get a table and chairs from an Amish store - my inlaws' furniture is nearly entirely from Amish stores near where they live - but it is most likely outside the budget.
  8. We want a large dining table - seating at least 10. Where is the best place to get an affordable but durable table this size? I'm open to second hand, but I don't know where to look for that - craigslist doesn't have anything like this in our area. TIA!
  9. And just like that he's done with high school! Last AP forever for DS! He felt good about both Bio and Comp Gov't, so though he was by far the most relaxed ever about APs, it was a good ending. Even with all the drama around APs (finding testing sites, only one chance to take it each year, cost, etc), I am thankful that they are an option for us.
  10. This happened with DS and the AP English Comp exam last year; he was discouraged by how hard his test was, and I was surprised by reports of kids feeling like it was surprisingly easy. There were two versions - one markedly more difficult. The curve equals them out; DS still got a 5 even though he felt he didn't do well. AP Bio was much easier than the practice ones DS took, so he's feeling like he might have done better than he expected. Very last AP forever for this kid is Comparative Government tomorrow!
  11. Those look great! Smallest in W is 7.5, but I bet they would eventually fit. Thanks!
  12. Thanks a ton! I found some Chacos that might work! She doesn't like the look of Birkenstocks or the closed-toe sandals that Keen sells. She needs a good athletic teva-type sandal that has a wide width. So far no luck in finding Crocs that fit the bill or anything on Zappos. Great idea to check on boys styles (boys are wearing bright colors now right?) Any other suggestions?
  13. DD (11yo) wears a size 5 youth or size 7 ladies shoe, but her feet are very wide - wider than mine and I wear a 7.5 or 8. Are there sandals that run wide and come in fun colors? She's very much a KID and wants purple, bright colors, etc. We've always done Teva with the kids because they last forever, but on her the foot bed is too narrow (even with adjusting the straps) - if we fit her for the width, they are way too long. TIA!
  14. Anyone else with Seniors who are struggling to CARE about their AP's? DS can't use the scores for anything (he already has too many), but I'm making him take Bio and Comp. Gov't because it says he's taking them on his transcript (and we already paid for them). He has a perfect record of 5's in every one of the large number he's taken before, and now he's like "So.... if I took Bio right now I'd probably get a 4, but could possibly get a 3. Is that OK?" Yes, relax kid. Too soon he'll be reviewing for math placement tests.
  15. What is also disturbing to me is the number of white friends I have who REFUSE to acknowledge that non-white people face racism in the US. I don't understand them. But I wish every one of them could dye their skin and walk around for a few months.
  16. Ok, this made me tear up. I don't want to derail the thread so I might PM you about how you achieved this. Way to go mama!!!
  17. Do you mean that you feel bad for others who don't have the ceremony part? Or feel bad for people having to sit through the ceremony part? Curious what you do - for both parts - if you care to share! Thanks!
  18. Oh, hurrah!! I knew this was the right place to ask! Thanks everyone for your feedback! I'm so glad that an invite does not feel like a request for gifts. (I was wondering where I got that and realized its from my mom, who is an immigrant though she's been in the US for longer than she's been out.... she's not always the best resource for etiquette questions.) OK, so here's a somewhat related question if you don't mind sharing more: Do most people have open houses, where there is really no "program," just food to eat and places to hang out? Maybe pictures and/or video about the gr
  19. We've been out of the US for a very, very long time and are now moving back. My oldest is graduating. We definitely want to have a graduation party for him with at least our immediate families (which is already a fairly large group). What I'm unsure about is all the other friends we have in the area who have kept in touch with us over the years - some of whom are very close to us. What I DON'T want is for anyone to feel like we are somehow asking them for money. On the other hand there are families who have gotten to know our son when we were back in the US for an extended period a year a
  20. MIT OCW DS used this for differential equations and enjoyed it.
  21. Where: Cornell University College of Engineering Why: He will be a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar which means he'll get his own funding for research and be part of a small group receiving faculty mentorship for basically any area of research he is interested in. DS has stars in his eyes. Major: Right now he is thinking Electrical Engineering, though Engineering Physics is also appealing. Other info: We just received the reply today to our financial aid appeal (we have an unusual situation), and they came back with an unexpectedly generous package, which brin
  22. DS says that it was not much more prep. In addition to the material from Mr. Moskaluk, he took a practice test or two from the Barrons' review book as well as the one in the College Board SAT 2 book. He suggests taking a practice test now to see how he'll do (just know that the Barron's tests are always a bit harder than the real thing.)
  23. DS took it in May in the midst of all the APs. He felt well prepared and got an 800. If you are taking AP Chem with ChemAdvantage, tell Mr. Moskaluk that you are also taking the Chem SAT and he will give you some extra materials to study for that.
  24. Excited to say that DS has been invited to be a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar at Cornell University. We had never even heard about this program before, but if we had we would never have imagined that DS could be chosen; he has zero research experience. It makes me think that someone took his essays seriously, and they were worth all that effort! It looks like an incredible opportunity, and he is very excited about it. We're happy he has some great options; will be so relieved when the decision is finally made! (Have been having difficulty logging in and it just got fi
  25. I love Dickens - nearly every one. PP was my least favorite. I think Our Mutual Friend was maybe the most fun read (and there is a decent BBC movie version). I remember reading ATOTC in high school and not loving it at the time, but I was unaware of the relevant history. DH was forced to read Great Expectations in 8th grade and detested it so much that hearing "Dickens" makes him nauseas. I feel the timing is sensitive - you need to gauge your student's interest/readiness.
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