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  1. Hi, My older son is struggling in pre algebra with fractions. I had bought videotext and am just not sure about it at this point. How does the Key to series work, should you start with fractions and work through it? Is it a complete math program through geometry? Confused as to the best way to use the books etc... Thank you! Kim
  2. Yeah...I think we will go with 5. I would NOT want it to be too hard, would prefer it be easier and if we need to move through it a little quicker? Ideas on the writing parts?
  3. How "easy" is the writing instruction in Hake, for a person who lacks skill (myself) in grammar and composition? I want this to be pretty independent as I am not good in this area but I want it to be really step by step in learning. I like programs in grammar and writing that have more repetition. I am always so worried about what I get because of the instruction and my lack of knowledge in this area!
  4. Okay...so... I have asked on the EG website and they assure me that Easy Grammar plus is ALL they really need, unless they are going into a field where they need more advanced grammar. If I get Easy Grammar plus what Daily Grams do I use with that do you know?
  5. Yikes...just lost my post. I am needing a basic grammar, no formal previous instruction, for a 7th grader. This child is easily frustrated with deep thinking school stuff. That in itself would not deter me, HOWEVER, mother is the same way..ha! As far as grammar instruction, I need something that is well laid out and easy to use for the student, preferably mostly independently. Grammar is my weak area, in a major way We have tried AG and honestly it was very hard from the first page. We need more of a slower step by step process, I think. Thank you! Also..if you would use Easy Grammar, would you do Writing Strands for writing?
  6. Okay...soo...we could do 5, then skip to 7 maybe? I had read somewhere that you can skip 6 if you do 5 as it is very repetitive?
  7. Hi, If I have a seventh grader that basically has had no formal grammar or "writing" instruction could she start in Hake Grammar and Writing 7? Thanks!
  8. Hi, Is there a yahoo group? I purchased used, not realizing if you do that you do not get phone support, or you have to pay another $100 per year?? Thanks, Kim
  9. thank you all for your input, I am going to get the new edition! Thanks!
  10. Okay, trying to decide if I get the older editions or try the new, with the new you have to buy so many more manipulatives, that is the one drawback. I have all the manipulatives I need for the old level B, at least most of them. But..they added a lot more to the new B manipulative kit. Just curious if anyone has compared? Thanks! Kim
  11. Hi, I posted this previously but when I went to "my content" I can't find it. Would love some more opinions on starting a 5 year old with either of these programs, very active boy, by the way, does not really enjoy "coloring". Pretty active guy... Also..would like to know thoughts on doing cursive first. I just can't wrap my head around it for some reason, I understand some of the reasoning behind it but...I did a bit of manuscript with my other son, and am now doing cursive via LOE essentials and his cursive is beautiful. My older son didn't transition to cursive as easily, I have 3 boys. Now...it seems so much harder to learn when already learning phonograms and to read etc.. Thanks! Trying to make a decision in the next few weeks so....appreciate feedback!
  12. Soooo...do tell, which one do you prefer?? I have thought about both because I love aspects of both, but...I tend to complicate things too much and trying not to do that..ha!
  13. Oh boy...I just don't know.....there are aspects to both I like, I like the readers in AAR but...feel it moves more slowly??? What is used for reading materials in LOE?
  14. I, at one time, would never have even asked this, it was always going to be AAR. Now...with Logic of English and Foundations, I am not sure!!! My son is 5 and we would be doing beginning reading, he doesn't know all the alphabet sounds or phonograms so....would need to start at beginning. Thanks! Kim
  15. Okay...so, what is a good self teaching writing curriculum for a HS Boy, 15, who absolutely does not like even writing a paragraph? Thanks! Kim
  16. Nice...thank you for the ideas, and the picture, awesome!
  17. Okay, I now have a school room, I am not crafty or real creative so would like a place I could go online to order reasonably priced decorations, bible verses, wall -posters, ABC's etc.....maybe a garden seen for a corner I want to put bean bags for "reading" and chilling out. It is a small room but I am thrilled to have an actual separate room now...need some help. Don't have time to "make" stuff nor do I want to, peel and stick would be good..ha!
  18. Well...for me, the road map won't be an issue probably. I think I am going to do RS through B and see where we are at. I always tried it but never got very far, I have kids that love Teaching Textbooks but...I just really want to be more involved in their math in the younger grades, then we will see. But..I don't want a lot of "figuring things out" AND I have a lot of the RS manipulatives already. I have A, the old version, I may just use that and not try to get the new second edition of A, then get the second edition of B for my older boy.
  19. Yeah, honestly with 7 kids I could not do it, I always wanted to and tried. My oldest is married, 2nd oldest in college and my next two are doing their school pretty much independently so...I have two that I do a lot of work with and one a little bit so...that is why I thought I might now be able to do RS with my youngest two boys, just not sure I should do it with the one already doing Singapore, I like it, just feel like there is not enough "daily stuff" I personally do not do well when it gives you a list of things to cover at your leisure. I DO well with a book that says "go over this and this, practice this today" etc..
  20. Okay, wanting help deciding. I have always wanted to use Rightstart. Have a lot of the manipulatives. I have a boy that is doing Singapore 1B and quickly picks up concepts. My youngest is 5, just starting math. Soo....I don't know which one to use. This is what I want, as a parent/teacher. One that explains things well, to me, I like daily structured stuff, "teach this, teach that" type lessons. EEEK!!! let me know what you all think please.
  21. Soo...how do you practice math facts, I have Captain Jax but they don't seem to do well doing it on the computer or well..that program???
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