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  1. Thank you very much. It makes me nervous, honestly but, he wants to be a Marine and he will be a good one! Thanks for your encouragement!
  2. awesome, thank you! One thing I do know, and I appreciate your help, is that I want him to do well on the test. If his desire is to join the marines, which it has been for awhile, I want him to do well and go in doing well...
  3. thank you for the info on the ASVAB...now...may I change my own subject and ask if there is a "book" or something we can get to help plan for the ASVAB?
  4. Oh....thank you all. I have another question. Are the newer books a lot better? Oops...another one? If I were to do 5th then EG plus is that enough basic grammar for someone who probably won't go to college but wants to join the marines? Don't yell at me but truly we are trying to get him through the basics, which hasn't been easy, he is not real school minded but is a hard worker!
  5. If you have a kid in 7th grade that has had no formal grammar, really doesn't like anything about grammar/writing....what level of EG would you start with and what Daily grams would you use? We were going to do Analytical Grammar and honestly we were all very lost so we need very beginning stuff, I am not good in this area? I have tried EG before and felt confused but at this point we need to get going with something. I can't remember what bugged me but I felt like it had you cross stuff out when you weren't yet sure what nouns and verbs were? That was a while back. Anyway...is it easy to teach for someone who just doesn't get it? Me..ha! Thanks!
  6. Okay..so...which base 10 blocks are good to get? They have clearview ones? I have bought any of those in a LONG TIME! Would love a book on how to best use them. I have a bucket balance scale, clock, fake money, tons of other manipulatives as I have a basic Level A set for Rightstart plus other stuff I have gathered over the years. Thank you all for your help, I am very grateful!
  7. Okay..this might sound silly but does the Standards HIG tell you the best way to show the child a concept using the manipulatives, like base ten blocks? Does it tell you how to use the manipulatives?
  8. Hi, I bought VideoText modules A-D, hoping this would be a good solution for my son who finished Teaching Textbooks 7. I really did not feel he was retaining well after TT and wanted him to really understand. Are there many/any who use VideoText? Is it a good fit going from TT 7 to Module A? Can a child learn this even if coming from TT? I talked to the VT people and they assured me over and over that it would be fine, might take a bit of an adjustment but....would work. Would love thoughts. Kim
  9. OH..that is great to know. I personally do NOT see the point but....wanted to do Hake. Glad to know you can just skip it, thank you for posting!! So..you can still do the lessons without diagramming?
  10. Hi, What do you mean here? Not sure what IRL means ;) Are you saying there have been more complaints about Teaching Textbooks? Just wondering....I am in a position, trying to find a way to get my son through Geometry and Algebra 2 before graduating, he got pretty far behind in Math. Have been frustrated with TT a little because I just feel like they aren't retaining well, not sure why, have considered MUS also for Pre Algebra, Algebra 1, geometry and possibly Algebra 2 but we have not done the lower grades.
  11. Okay...I think I will go with Standards....thank you all for your input!
  12. Awesome...thank you! Another question, of the Home Instructors Guide, which is more parent friendly, better laid out...Standards or US?
  13. Okay, I like "easy"..ha! Thank you for your help, I am excited and we will definitely give diagramming a go!
  14. Okay..I am going to use Singapore exclusively for now, what "extra" Primary Math workbooks would you recommend, challenging word problems, extra practice..etc...etc.. What are "MUST have" manipulatives. Also...Standards or US edition? Thanks tons! Kim
  15. another question...I am diagramming phobic.....I have seen sentences with so many different lines coming off of it it looks unreal? I just don't see the point but, I don't know how to diagram? Is the diagramming in Hake as complicated as some or is diagramming, diagramming..all the same? I ordered Hake so waiting for the arrival. It was so hard to decide because isolating prepositional phrases seems so cool, like in EG, I just really like the way Hake walks you through and includes lots of things!
  16. This may sound weird but....here goes... Can you do hake grammar and NOT DO DIAGRAMMING? I am so torn, needing BEGINNING grammar AND writing for 6th grader. Want to use easy grammar but, really want writing combined, love the looks of hake, except the diagramming, feel like that will make it too hard for a child that struggles in grammar and writing?
  17. Okay..so..for IEW, does it really guide them, part of the blank stare is him coming up with something to write about, let along figure out how to write it. Will SWI B get them going well enough to write reports and essays or do I NEED TWSS? If I use TWSS is there a book to use "with" it to help be more "strucuted" daily plans? I guess I don't understand how it works when people use a themed based program with TWSS?? I really want it more to the student with me there to help as needed??? Thanks!
  18. This is for older boy, 8th, that HATES to write, literally won't write a paragraph and it is my mistake in not pushing it earlier. Writing/Grammar has made me sort of freeze. I want something that he can do fairly independently, although I am here to look at things and try to help, ha! Not real confident in my abilitly to help with writing as they get farther along. He just doesn't like it but needs to know how to write reports, essays etc.. He is not going to be a creative writer or go into a "writing" field but need to know how to write reports etc...as he wants to be a police officer etc.. Thanks! Kim
  19. Okay... Thinking I made a major error in changing my son for teaching textbook 7 to video text. Money is an issue until I sell videotext but, can get tt prealgebra 1 pretty cheap. Is it a huge difference in editions, other than self grading. Thanks!
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