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  1. We are doing manuscript, just starting Foundations A. I am struggling a bit with all the swing stroke, down stroke, circle stroke etc... then they combine those and say them to start forming letters? I guess it is just different for me than just having them write them the way WTRT teaches, is this really helpful? Anyone ditch the handwriting and do your own? If so..what and how do you do it? Kim
  2. I have a son that is behind in Math, has really not done well in Math and I am wanting something to help diagnose gaps and help get him caught up. Just can't find anyone who has used it..? Kim
  3. Okay, trying to find someone through Saxon Homeschool to answer questions is very difficult. First of all..I am guessing, since Rainbow Resource sells a homeschool "kit" for these books with a HS Answer Key, that the Teacher Edition (very expensive) is NOT necessary in 2nd grade, I am also guessing since I will be working with him an answer key is not necessary, just the Student Text and Student workbook? I found some student texts fairly cheap but they say 2009, I know they have a 2013 edition, are the content different. I am confused and the lady I talked to at the Saxon Homeschool number was not very informative on whether or not content had been changed. UGH! Can someone help with editions and if I get 2009 Student texts, if the "new" workbooks would work with them. Thanks! OH...another question, are the textbooks and workbooks easier to work with than the Singapore Math, does it have more info on concepts and understanding them w/out the TE book? Kim
  4. Great, thank you! I don't mind supplementing just need something all in one for now to get us going in the right direction, then we can add to if we need to. Kim
  5. I have looked at Jump In, we are using Easy Grammar now but I am just tired of always feeling like I am missing so much and even if it is "light" it is better than missing stuff, my opinion!
  6. Does it teach composition and grammar in a "review" fashion, like from beginning?
  7. Okay...what book would I start with if I have a great reader, 7th grade, but no formal composition/grammar at this point. I was told at Common Sense press that I could start her in the Green book as they provide a lot of review in that book. But..I really don't want to jump in to something new and have it be too hard. Kim
  8. Yeah..so many great choices....I just have to remember with AAR (because I often want to go back to it), I really felt like it moved to slow and there was too much to do but my son was also older and we needed to get going and he picks up things quickly. With a younger one starting I like AAR, except for the fluency sheets ;)
  9. Yes, that helps a lot! I have Foundations A, I have some of the things for LOE, just missing the Teachers Guide, which I honestly can't afford right now so thinking RLTL might work for my 9 year old who is not really a struggling reader but a boy that HATES Alpha Phonics, he hates all the repetition, which is one reason we stopped AAR for him awhile back, I could not stand the fluency sheets. I am thinking RLTL might just be what he needs to get going. He likes the Pathway readers but we need to keep going on phonics, he picks things up very quickly. For my new reader maybe I should just keep the Foundations A. Hmmmm......??
  10. Do you feel that with all levels it will be a complete spelling program?
  11. I have been considering LOE for my kids but in looking at RLTL, I like the looks of it, already have a few of the Elson Readers, not sure how those will go over BUT... Please tell me how you like it compared to LOE or AAR/AAS. Thanks! Kim
  12. There is also a yahoo group for ETLT and RLTL and the author answers questions very quickly! Not sure how to reference the yahoo group on here but I bet someone else knows how!
  13. My son is just learning to read, I wanted to use Foundations from LOE but..just am not sure. I really like the idea of LOE Essentials later for spelling, when they have a good grasp of reading and are learning to love reading...just now sure! Opinions!
  14. Well..Sonlight didn't work even though I wanted it to, I need a more relaxed approach, if there is a ton of stuff to ck off each day my mind goes kinda haywire. I have mainly brought stuff in from here and there, trying to piece together my language, science etc...and I just want it layed out for me. I feel like more would get done that way. I am tired of trying to find the "best" stuff here and there. I am also not good at a lot of "creating of stuff" , hands on stuff we have to put together or figure out etc...
  15. I want something that incorporates reading aloud, scripture memorization etc...
  16. Okay..I am trying to simplify my life with my 3 youngest, ages 9, 10 and 6. 6 year old just learning to read. I am tired of the struggle of pulling in different things from all over. We are more of a relaxed homeschool methodology BUT...as they get older we add in more intense grammar etc... I am really wanting a Christian based learning that incorporates really good books. Would LOVE and APPRECIATE thoughts on this! Kim (I also have a 13 year old and 17 year old but they are doing other things)
  17. Question...are the spelling lists in LOE "enough" or do you have to add to it later?? That has been my one question....
  18. Soo...spelling for an 8 and 10 year old? What is the opinion on both of these, can't decide, loving ideas of both but.... Also...teaching a 6 year old to read.
  19. Hi, I have a son in high school who has struggled quite a bit with Grammar, needing to go back a bit and am going to do Easy Grammar. He has wanted to be a marine for a long time. Is there any ASVAB book you would recommend to give us an idea of what to study over the next few years to help him score better on it? Thanks!
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