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  1. Thanks for sharing- this was on my list to possibly purchase!
  2. Our state convention was this weekend and Rainbow Resource had Beast Academy there- so maybe you'll find it at yours!
  3. I agree- this book is on my list of Top 10 must-reads for children. I loved it- such a beautiful, beautiful book.
  4. I am SO excited- I've been looking for this book for over a year- since I first read about it on here. I've seen it for as high as $130 but even at $60-$70, it was to much money to spend on a book sight unseen. I followed it on eBay and I've been waiting and waiting for someone to post it with a price I can afford. Well, two weeks ago someone posted a copy in great shape for *****$9.99******** I could not hit "Buy Now" fast enough! I got it the other day and it is every bit as wonderful as people say. Absolutely a treasure!!! I love how inviting and conversational the writing is
  5. I'm with Jess, above. Bedtime is not an option. However, I don't care what they are doing in their room as long as they are in the room. I can't force them to go to sleep. But defiantly sitting on the couch and refusing to go upstairs is totally, completely unacceptable.
  6. Has no one else noticed that Mom's pants aren't pulled all the way up? I feel so bad for her! That poor woman probably was just trying to pee & the kids escaped.
  7. I'd love some grammar suggestions for 6th grade. We have been using Christian Light for many years but I am overwhelmed right now and need something that is less intense. I still want solid grammar & diagramming but just LESS. I have been crossing out some and having them do partial lessons, but even that is just to much management for me right now. I'd prefer something that keeps daily lessons to 1-2 pages max. Any suggestions?
  8. Deleted bc it was an accidental double post!
  9. I just happened to find the exact set of Weather Tec mats I needed for our van on Craigslist for $80 right when we bought it. They are SO wonderful!!! That gives me a great idea for dh- I wonder if I could find a set for his jeep??? Off to hunt....
  10. I ended up over at Lands End and ordered the expensive Primaloft Jacket that I've been wanting, a CashTouch scarf that will look nice with my plum winter coat I bought from them last year and a cozy flannel shirt- they gave me $100 but there is a 40% off coupon & free shipping tonight so it went pretty far and they were things I wouldn't normally spend money on. Now, how loooong will it take for them to arrive???! haha- can't wait!
  11. My sweet in-laws have given me money for Christmas but I can't think of a single thing I want for myself. Surely you guys can inspire me with some idea of what you'd like!
  12. This thread has some really great ideas- thanks to everyone who has shared! I've added a bunch of items to my Amazon cart.
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