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  1. I've started my boys on about 15 mins of schoolwork, about 3 nights per week - just a review of the Maths they've done during the week. I will slowly increase that time over the next few years and also get them to do some other subjects too. This is not because we need more time during the day, but because I want to prepare them for college or uni where they will have to do assignments and study in the evenings after a long day regardless of whether they're tired or not.
  2. I get this error as well when searching, viewing a post then hitting back to go back to the search results page. I'm also on an iPad.
  3. We read some of the Usborne Classics retold, and also chose titles from their Young Reading series. Took the pain out of becoming familiar with the stories. Classics retold: http://www.usborne.com/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&area=CS&subcat=CSCR Young Reading series 3: http://www.usborne.com/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?cat=1&area=YR&subcat=YRS3
  4. I just read TWEM so am now reading Don Quixote. I feel bad because I don't have a notebook beside me in which to scribble my thoughts and interesting quotes. At least I'm reading it on the kindle and looking up vocabulary I'm not too familiar with. On my to do list is to watch the Visual Latin videos that DS10 has already watched so I can help him more than looking up the answer key. I only have 12 to catch up on !! And now there's coursera to peruse.... thanks guys!
  5. Hi, may seem like a newbie question, but what is in the book "The Well Educated Mind? I've read (several times) and own "The Well Trained Mind". Is TWEM for parents?
  6. Here are actual lesson plans for teaching your kids to swim yourself: http://www.uswim.com/
  7. When I browsed it, it was $11.99. As soon as I signed in, and browsed it again, the price was $24.79. Another Aussie here ):
  8. I guess this would be it? (Scope and sequence) http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/showpost.php?p=3186313&postcount=131
  9. Just thought I'd re-open this thread, as I have the same question as some of the other posters, and their question wasn't answered..... (probably a good reason for that?): Is there another version of the SOTW audiobook narrated by someone other than Jim Weiss? Just listened to the sample and would prefer a different accent.
  10. I can't see anything to click on either. I'm viewing on my iPad, so perhaps that's why?
  11. I add my vote for the Rob Inglis version. He's very good at doing the character's voices. From memory it's an abridged version - so has the author's original words, though slightly shorter.
  12. Looks interesting, but would it work for more than one student?
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