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  1. I saw these in the "Old Schoolhouse" freebie Friday newsletter: Free 12 week unit study on Presidents and Elections. (primary grades) Smithsonian in Your Classroom offers a free study called Winning the Vote: How Americans Elect Their President Homeschoolshare.com Elections Lapbook
  2. He might enjoy ConSource (the Constitutional Sources Project)
  3. Thank you! I appreciate your suggestions and will look into them!
  4. The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Freebie Directory 2008 I'm not affiliated with The Old Schoolhouse in any way, just received this in email today and thought some of you might like to see the freebie offers.
  5. My children are pretty active, but I'd like to add in a fun exercise video during the winter months. Any suggestions?
  6. Here's a cute picture for the "bed" trick, which helped my dd: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/bed%20poster.pdf
  7. She might be interested in Equine Assisted Therapy -- here's a link to the UC Davis Equine Assisted Therapy Gateway site: http://www.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/CCAB/equineassistedtherapy.htm I don't work directly in that field myself, although I do volunteer with an organization that offers equine recreational activities to disabled and at-risk youths and I have seen some equine therapy professionals at work. It's a fascinating field. There are many volunteer opportunities, so if your dd is interested, she might look into volunteer opportunites to get a taste of it. I had an acquaintance w
  8. My children stop doing grammar as a separate subject after they finish Voyages in English 8. After that, we work on grammar in the context of studying French and through composition.
  9. Timez Attack: http://timezattack.com/index.php (free download if you just use the basic version)
  10. It sounds like he does plenty of writing by hand, so I think it's great too!
  11. We've used Scoring High. I like it because it is test specific. Debra Bell sells them here: http://www.debrabell.com/Undefined/test.htm and I'm sure you can buy them elsewhere too. We didn't spend a lot of time on it, I just wanted to make sure my dc would be familiar with the format of the test.
  12. My oldest two children, who are strong in math, did very well with ALEKS -- both used it independently as a supplement. My third child, who isn't math-oriented, found it frustrating because she didn't feel the explanations were clear enough.
  13. My daughter, who is a so-so speller by nature, did very well with the Calvert CDs. Her retention was good and carried over into her writing. She enjoyed doing spelling on the computer as a change of pace from the spelling workbooks she had done previously. We used the older versions of Calvert Spelling (it was before the new ones came out).
  14. I make my own selections using Startwrite (occasionally I write them out by hand, just for variety). Sometimes I pick a sentence or two from a book we're reading, sometimes science, sometimes the Bible verse we're working on. My 6 yo does her copywork while I am working one-on-one with my 4 yo in phonics. Sometimes she does a Happy Scribe page too.
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