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  1. He is studying French through an online class (WTMA). He is specifically struggling with the grammar. He is doing well with learning the vocabulary etc.. He is thirteen. He would like to continue learning French and has expressed an interest in Mandarin as well. We haven't tried DuoLingo nor have we tried Rosetta Stone
  2. I am looking for some guidance in regards to teaching a second language. My DS is currently enrolled in an online class and is struggling. Any ideas on how to make this a more successful experience? Thanks!
  3. May I ask with whom you made the appointment? I am looking for a referral as well. Thanks!
  4. Thank you all! I have Aops Pre A and have ordered Jousting Armadillos, Dolciani and Jacob's to compare. I probably will end up using two different programs after reflecting on it a bit more. I was trying to make my life a little easier by combining them both, as they are so close in age. My younger one just completed Singapre 5 and my older one completed Saxon 7/6.
  5. I have a son who has completed Saxon 7/6 and another one who has completed Singapore 5. I would love to combine them both for math. Would AOPS pre algebra be appropriate for after Saxon 7/6 and Singapore 5? Are there any other math programs you would recommend? Thank you!

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    Textbook, Workbook and Extra Practice. The Workbook and Extra practice have some pencil marks on the first 15 pages. We switched to another program after.



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    Home Instructor's Guide.



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    This set is brand new and includes the Textbook, Workbook, Home Instructor's Guide and Extra Practice. Asking $35.00


  9. Thank you. We spent some time on Alcumus today, it was a good start and definitely an adjustment.
  10. Thank you all! I have a lot to think about. I am know contemplating moving my older son from Saxon to another program in preparation for AoPS. He has tried MM in the past and it did not click for him. He is going into sixth grade and has just completed Saxon 65. Any suggestions for a specific singapore math program to help bridge the gap to AoPs?
  11. Thank you all! Would it be a challenge for a child working on Saxon to transition to AOPS?
  12. If you have a STEM focused high schooler, I am curious to know what math program you have used to prepare them for high school and beyond. Would you do anything differently ? If so what would you do? I am very conflicted about staying with Singapore with my youngest or switching him to Saxon. Thank you!
  13. My nine year old has requested that we study Chemistry. I would love to plan something along the lines of 8filltheheart's Homeschooling at the Helm book. I am looking for suggestions in terms of books or other resources that you may have used in coming up with a unit on Chemistry. The skills we will be working on will include outlining and forming paragraphs. TIA
  14. I am looking for recommendations for student planners. Does anyone have any suggestions? He is in fifth grade and I would like for him to learn to be a bit more organized. Thank you!
  15. Thank you everyone. I don't think it is the number of problems, he has hit a wall with diagramming the sentences. That is the part that frustrates him the most. I have been going over the lesson with him and then he works independently on the questions.
  16. It does have a writing component as well, but we are only working our way through the grammar text. Thanks!
  17. DS (10) is having a hard time with Hake, and I am getting a lot of resistance from him when it comes to working on the lessons. He does a lesson daily but the last few lessons have been a challenge for him. He loves to read and is a voracious reader. He outlines and writes a paragraph daily from his science or history readings. I would love suggestions as to how to approach grammar for this level. Thank you!
  18. I have a fifth grader and we are working through Treasured Conversations. He is learning to create an outline from a topic sentence and write a paragraph from it. He reads well and is working on Hake grammar. The rest of his school day is spent reading from history and science books based on his interests. I am a bit worried that we are light on his writing output, I would love any suggestions or thoughts any of you would have. What should be the approximate written output for a fifth grader? I am concerned that we are not doing enough. Thanks!
  19. Thank you everyone! I have been using TC with my older son, it is still too early to use it with my eight year old. I will implement WWE narration with him. I love the idea of having him type out his dictations. It has been a slow process with him, he is a very phonetic speller. We have an OT eval in a week.
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