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  1. My family has lived in Huntsville for 15 yrs, and my husband graduated from UAH (computer engineering). I also worked at Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology (lots of biotech collabs with UAH), so if you have any questions, let me know!
  2. I also want to hijack if you don't mind. :) I'm interested in those who used something else in K-3. How was the transition into Saxon 5/4? I'm considering using McRuffy for the early grades. And for those who do start Saxon with 5/4, what year do you start it? I only ask b/c a lot of folks seem to start Saxon 1 in K, and hence are in 5/4 in 3rd grade.
  3. A bunch of homeschoolers in our area just went, and they said it was awesome! Hard to believe the ships were made by hand to replicate the originals as much as possible. I don't believe the guided tours were super expensive. Maybe $7 for adults, and a couple of dollars less for children 5 yrs and older.
  4. Wow, the etsy one is beautiful! Go you for making one yourself. My neighbor got it from Costco a few years ago. I think it looks something like this: http://www.amazon.com/KidKraft-65022-Savannah-Dollhouse/dp/B000C5E25W. I guess if she's too rough with it, I could always put away the furniture and let her stick her Little People in it. :001_smile:
  5. My dd will be almost 2 yo when Christmas comes around. My neighbor wants to get rid of her big wooden dollhouse + furniture and asked if I wanted it. It would certainly save me a lot of money if I just gave that to my dd as her gift, but I have no idea if it's at all age appropriate. (I somehow doubt it!) She likes looking at this one dollhouse that's set up in a display case at our library, but...well, she's a toddler. :tongue_smilie: And I'm a clueless mother who has been immersed in all things boys for the past 2 years. Just wanted to see if any of you who maybe have both older and y
  6. :lol: No freaking kidding! I completely sympathize.
  7. I seemed to remember it taking 3-4 days maybe? The box was heavy (LA K) - it was like Christmas when I opened it! FWIW, I live in the southeast US. Have fun. :D
  8. Tons of great responses, and I have no experience since my kids are still young, but I do have a question WRT the novel. My DH is currently writing his thesis for his Master's, so we have had numerous discussions on how to write w/ kids in the house. His biggest problem is that it takes him an hour to get into the groove, so little chunks of time here and there are pretty useless. It's inefficient. He's also too tired after their bedtime to get as much done as he would like. Can you relate? Obviously there are differences in writing a novel vs. a research paper. But are you able to writ
  9. Thanks so much for the great review! I doubt there is much drill in the K, but from what you can see in the 1st grade, do you think there is enough practice problems built in? I seem to remember that there were drill sheets in the supplementary packet. Can't wait to start math!
  10. Great to hear you love it. Give us an update after you've done Math for awhile! :bigear:
  11. I have no personal experience, but McRuffy seems spiral in LA, am I correct? So, if he's weak in grammar, maybe he'll get the built in review throughout the curriculum? I would email Brian and ask. Otherwise, you can always supplement maybe?
  12. I can totally see both sides. AIO is a dream come true in terms of gaps. As well as seeing how all the facets of LA are interwoven. But yeah, if you have a weak speller, for example, I'm sure it can be a challenge to make it work. I guess tweaking the curriculum is the way to go in that case. And in your situation, he can practice reading "at level" in other subjects or during free-reading, so I think it's great that you are matching the grade level with his weaker areas.
  13. You all have been so helpful and encouraging! I have always loved the look of the samples, and now that I have the Phonics K in my hands, I like it even more. But I wasn't sure about the higher levels. I guess the cartoon-ish look makes me nervous that it's not sophisticated enough. (I know - it's so ridiculous! For one thing, since when do 2nd graders need sophistication? :tongue_smilie:) The reason I ask about math is b/c there are so many good options out there. McRuffy seems to do a great job at meshing the spiral approach with logic and critical thinking. Is that an accurate ass
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