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  1. I have come to peace that this not something we will come close to finishing this year. We are still in the 70s. I feel like this son is learning so much more than my first son did in Analytical Grammar. In fact, what I am learning is helping me help oldest child with his continuation exercises. Thankfully, just as I asked him about something, he said that he had just learned it in Latin. So I think my first-born will be fine. The child in WTM Grammar is finding it helpful in understanding how to write better, so he says. He does not claim to like it though. I think he sees the value, so he do
  2. There are some interesting documentaries on Peru on Netflix. Just make sure you are comfortable with the content (for example, one is on the cocaine industry there and another has a lot of mostly-nude tribal people featured).
  3. I think it explains what I noticed was the big difference when I was was researching last year: cost. Since I was only using one online class, Schole did not have an enrollment fee that I remember. I think WHA was over $100. It has been awhile though. I actually spoke to Bruce Etter today about the GC 1+4 course. I asked him if there were any differences between the two Latin classes, and he said he would have to forward the question to the person who teaches Latin. If we do choose to enroll in the GC class, due to the "school feel" of WHA, it could be advantageous relationally to have both
  4. I am using it for my son for Latin Alive 2. I plan on using the online academy for Latin Alive 3, and I will probably have my next son enroll in Latin Alive 1 either this next year or the following. My first son and I muddled through LA 1 together, but my 2nd son does not naturally love Latin like the first. The teacher we are using actually wrote the curriculum. He is re-retiring this year though, so we will end up with two different teachers next year. LA was less expensive through CAP than through WHA, despite using the text. WHA functions very much like a school, from what I learned last n
  5. I had republished an e-mail response from Joan Cotter concerning a question regarding her RighStart Math curriculum. At the time I posted it, I had inquired to the page about whether or not that was okay. I just removed it, but it was something she had sent out on the yahoo group. Is that considered illegal or wrong? I attributed her words to her.
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