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  1. I agree it’s not academic, which is why I struggle. He spends 8-10 hours a week creating, researching, and facilitating the sessions. I have a hard time justifying that every week when there are other things he needs to be putting time into. However, he shows significant leadership and organizational skills to pull it all off. As well as mediating arguments and disappointed players. He has shown tremendous maturity.....after talking it through, I guess that kind of character development is valuable in and of itself. In public school I know they have classes for video game development, etc. Personally I think what he is doing is much more impressive!
  2. After much resistance on my part, my DS is obsessed with D&D. He has organized two different levels of games at our local Co-op. He does all the communicating with his peers and adults about using the space and providing supervision, as well as extensively writes the story, as he is the DM for both groups. I struggle with how much time he spends on this, but the skills he’s learning are valuable skills. However the time commitment is competing with other responsibilities, and ‘for credit’ school work. I don’t know whether to limit his time, try to give him a creative writing credit, or chalk it up to just a big time sucking interest. Oh this sounds horrible as I write it, mainly because I fail to see the value in D&D. 😕 Am I being unreasonable? TIA
  3. I ordered two of the ones they recommended, we couldn’t get them to work. My son ended up using my Fitbit HR, worked great!
  4. My DS (15) is going on a three week service trip with GLA this summer to Peru, any good ‘must have’ reads or resources to familiarize himself with the region/culture/history? TIA
  5. In regards to your original question about squeezing it all into one semester. Even if you were to drop the fitness part (lab). The work itself is quite extensive. I think you would have trouble fitting it into one semester, without dropping a bunch of the activities and research.
  6. My DS 15 has been working through this for the past year (spring semester last year and just finishing up now). He does it on his own and he loves the activity and research parts, it allows him to engage with friends and family in an interesting way. Initially I was nervous about him not finishing in a year, but realistically for us, it doesn’t matter. He is only getting 1.5 credits for it, regardless how long it takes him. He has some rigorous classes, so allowing flexibility here has been helpful.
  7. Posting here to see if anyone has had any experience with this sequence or with both programs. My kiddo has finished RS E and we aren't interested in doing G. We filled in some gaps and reinforced some concepts with Key to Fractions, Decimals and Percents. Would he be missing any big concepts if we started Videotext Pre-Algebra?
  8. My kiddo has finished RS E and we aren't interested in doing G. We filled in some gaps and reinforced some concepts with Key to Fractions, Decimals and Percents. Would he be missing any big concepts if we started Videotext Pre-Algebra?
  9. I'm just starting to plug through it now and I was wondering if anyone has used this for HS Lit? I'm putting together a book list for next year, and would love some ideas if someone has done it.
  10. Yes! This is what I was looking for! Thank you!
  11. I thought I saw a thread about AP approved syllabi, where members posted the syllabus they had approved, was I mistaken?
  12. My HS student has been doing a year long "survival skills" class, which focuses on primitive skills. He attended Rabbitstick, a week long primitive skills gathering. Some of the other HS parents are calling this Native American Studies. He asked me about this, and I told him no, unless we added history and literature to it. He has spent approximately 100 hours in class this year, and another 35 hours working on skills at Rabbitstick. What do you think? Any good Native American Studies syllabus? Recommended readings/books?
  13. We are part of a great co-op in our area, they are relatively new, but have loads to offer. We are trying to put together a more cohesive Highschool program that will satisfy our more advanced students. What co-op classes have you seen offered or taken part of that were successful? We are going to try and concentrate on core classes to satisfy HS requirements?
  14. He has taken both of the elementary lit courses, he's just in 9th grade now. When they first started you could sign up month to month or maybe we did the half year. It was discussion only. I was unsure if a single two hour discussion a month would be fruitful, but it most definitely was. This year he is doing the discussion forum and writing portion. The only issue he has run into with strong Christian perspective is in the forum when interacting with other students.
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