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  1. I've been using and loving Paula's Choice for years! I am 41 with oily/combo skin. Sometimes I get breakouts, but not too bad. The products that I'm currently using regularly: Skin Balancing Cleanser Skin Balancing Toner (LOVE this, been using it for like 10 years) The 2% Extra Strength BHA Liquid Resist Super Antioxidant Serum Resist C15 Super Booster (when I remember) Resist Weekly 10% AHA Resurfacing Treatment I've also tried some of the makeup products here and there and I've liked those too. A couple of things I've tried and didn't like: Resist BHA 9 (didn't do anything for me) Clinical 1% Retinol Treatmnet (just too irritating for my skin, even only using it 1x/week)
  2. I currently have a 7th grader working through the 6th grade book. I'd like to have him skip the 7th grade book and do the 8th grade book for 8th grade. Is this even realistic? I know the upper levels of R&S English can be tough. I'd like him to finish the series before starting high school. Thanks!
  3. KeriJ- Would you mind tell me a little more about CLE? So you're *just* doing the grammar portion and skipping everything else? Do you feel like the grammar is solid like in R&S? How long do the lessons take each day? I've heard the main difference between CLE and R&S is that CLE is spiral while R&S is more mastery. I've heard they're very similar in terms of rigor and scope and sequence. Would you agree with a that? Thanks! :) I just got done looking at some samples of CLE grammar and I like what I see!
  4. I feel the same way! I've looked at Easy Grammar and I agree, it looks too easy. There must be a happy medium out there somewhere... :)
  5. We're using the 6th grade book this year and while I do like it, I find the lessons can get quite wordy. But looking ahead to the 7th and 8th grade books.....Oh my!! Is there not a more concise way to explain concepts?? What is the deal??? I've really liked our years with Rod & Staff, but the length of explanations is getting ridiculous. I might jump ship....
  6. I actually ended up not using it and selling it on eBay. When I was looking through, I did come up with a rough plan on how I wanted to use it. But in the end I decided to use something else. I wasn't crazy about the quality of literature in Reading Street and it seems way too teacher intensive for me..
  7. Thank you for all of the responses! I love this board. :thumbup: We live about 45 mins. away so this really isn't doable. But a great idea though!!
  8. We have some friends who have asked us to dog sit for them. The dog would be coming to our house and it would be for 5-6 days. They have not offered to pay us and I'm assuming they won't. I'm kinda torn about it because we d like to help them out, but I know it will be a huge inconvenience. We don't have dogs, but we do have a cat who I'm sure will not be thrilled about having a dog in the house. We also don't have a fenced yard, so the dog would require lots of daily walks. What would you do? I guess I don't really want to, but I feel bad saying no. If we don't do it, they will probably have to pay to have the dog boarded.
  9. I am totally sick of my neighbors (we have two of them) who let their dogs bark at all hours of the night. It's hard for me to imagine anything more rude than continuing to allow your dogs to bark in the middle of night when you know it is bothering your neighbors. :banghead:
  10. A homeschooling mom has an 11 year old son who is a poor reader. She suspects he has dyslexia, but he has never been formally diagnosed. He reads at about a 2nd or 3rd grade level. She doesn't really push him to advance his reading skills because the more she pushes, the more he hates reading. He is very resistent to any kind of reading instruction from his mom. He currently doesn't really enjoy reading and doesn't read much for fun, probably because it's hard for him. She does require him to do some silent reading on most days though. He doesn't have any other required reading for school as in he doesn't have reading for science, history etc. Do you think this is okay? I mean, is it really a problem that he is behind in his reading skills? Is it a big deal? Will he just eventually catch up on his own if he just keeps practicing? Thanks!
  11. Well, I really like ARFH for younger kiddos. But I also love Pentime for cursive practice.
  12. Hits: All ACE for my 10 yo ds. Abeka History Spectrum Science Core Skills Wriitng R&S English Abeka Literature Just meh: R&S English (grade 7) Abeka 7th grade math
  13. But doesn't the WG guide use the 10th grade level of Essentials in Writing? So wouldn't that make it at least on grade level in terms of writing skills?
  14. Yes! I agree completely with all of the posters here. We never did make to the upper guides, but my ds used the guides through Bigger. We dropped HOD for the reasons mentioned... it seemed like each year increased in workload, but my ds wasn't doing any real thinking (except in Singapore Math). He wasn't really learning anything either, except how to do copious amounts of copywork. :glare: I think I even posted a complaint about it on these boards years ago. I felt there was way too much busywork. When I looked ahead to the upper guides, it seemed like it was just more of the same.
  15. I think I am going to to bow out of this conversation now. I appreciate everyone's feedback!!
  16. Actually, the uninvited boy is a twin of one of the invited boys. But I don't really see what the actual ages has to do with it as much as the relationships.
  17. Here's my tentative plan: MATH: Abeka 7th grade math (I think it's called Basic Mathematics) LA: Rod & Staff English 6 Core Skills Writing 7 (by Steck-Vaughn) Rod & Staff Spelling 7 Abeka Literature Pentime for cursive practice Lots of free reading and read-alouds SCIENCE: Spectrum Science workbook HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY: History of Our World by Steck-Vaughn. I did not realize this is written for remedial students when I bought it! Ugh. Maps Charts & Graphs level G by MCP ART: Feed My Sheep w/ DVDs TYPING: Not sure. Maybe Typing.com PE: Running 2x week Bike riding 1x week Little League RANDOM: Building Thinking Skills by Critical Thinking Co. I think that's it!
  18. Ah, I get it now. I just didn't understand what they were asking when it said, "what is the next question...".
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