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  1. My dd has had very little writing instruction so based on many recommendations, I just purchased Meaningful Composition 4+. The beginning lessons are a grammar review which would work well with a student that has little formal grammar. It is based on IEW but is a consumable book that really seems to hold the students hand step-by-step through the writing process. Just got the book last night so still perusing it but so far so good. We also have IEW and I plan to use a comb of the two.
  2. After entering site, select Browse Curriculum. On L sidebar, click Support Materials and Diagnostic tests should pop up.
  3. Growing with Grammar is not teacher intensive. My dd has done GWG 3 & 4 completely on her own. Of course, she has questions from time-to-time, but she reads the lesson in the student manual, then does her work in the student workbook.
  4. I'm curious to know if you have your dc study the title & author of the passage and use it for dication or do you let them write it on their page before they begin dictation? When I asked the author she said people do it either way so just curious about what you do. Thanks!
  5. My understanding is that Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) is a comprehensive LA program ("English" which includes spelling, grammar, composition) but Meaningful Composition (written by the same author) is ONLY the composition aspect of their LA curriculum because some moms were happy with a separate spelling, grammar, etc. program. Just ordered MC so can't give specifics yet. I have IEW and really like it but seems like MC, based on IEW, directs the student's writing step-by-step using a consumable workbook. The extra hand-holding will be exactly what my dd needs. I like the Composition Checklist that MC utilizes which aids the student in editing their own work to determine if they've capitalized their sentences, used proper punctuation, included strong verbs and quality adjectives, etc... I intend to use a combination of both IEW & MC.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions! They were helpful!
  7. We did the placement tests and dd scored 91 on Level 300 and just above 70 for Level 400. The test instructions said a child is probably ready for Level 500 if they score 70+, and Level 400 if they score -70. Since dd is just above 70, would you put her in 500. I want her to be challenged, but don't want it to be overly difficult so as to avoid frustration since this is our first attempt at using CLE. She has completed Growing with Grammar 3 and we will be finishing up Growing with Grammar 4 BEFORE starting CLE. We've not done much formal spelling nor writing but plan to focus on a separate writing program in the fall. Any advice from veteran users would be appreciated since this is a new curriculum for us.
  8. We've used RS Level B & C. If you go with RS, I'd do Level B as it really is foundational, IMHO.
  9. Thanks so much as this is the kind of info I'm looking for. Tracy, Do you think the Teacher's Manual are necessary for LA/Math/Reading in the 300-500 level of CLE? Or can I do without? I have one student. Lizzie, I clicked on your link to see what you are using with your dc. We also use Nancy Ganz' commentaries for Bible. Aren't they great!:iagree:
  10. Thanks Michelle! I just started checking out online samples and will continue to do so, but thought I'd also ask for any quick impressions from those already familiar with the differences between AO Lifepacs and CLE Sunrise editions. I'm currently having dd take diagnostic LA test from CLE to see where she might fit. Appreciate any input I receive.
  11. I noticed that the scope & sequence for CLE says it is the result of individuals working together on teams at Alpha Omega Publishing and Christian Light Publications. Can you shed any light on the differences between these two curriculums? Is one more rigorous than the other? I'm especially interested in their LA & math programs. Thanks!
  12. For tt 5, are all the practice problems in the consumable workbook also on the CD's? Or does the workbook contain more problems for practice than the CD has? Thanks!
  13. Try this: 271841AALFSQ Free standard shipping on your next order over $35.00. Expires March 14, 2008.
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