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  1. RootAnn, What did they give as a reason for denying your claim? I sent a letter to CHASE VISA documenting my six disputed charges along with the relevant portion of my Landry Ledger through their online portal. Finally, I talked with a real person (after 3 failed attempts) who asked me a lot of follow-up questions. He was particularly interested in the exact dates that services were to be received. Normally, our claim would not be considered because we are past the 118 day time limit to file, but because all of the disputed charges were for FUTURE SERVICE NOT RECEIVED, we qualified under a more generous timeline even though some charges are from 2015, so make sure your credit card company knows that the services you paid for were not received because the business closed its doors. Last week, I received a temporary credit from my credit card company for ALL SIX charges that will become permanent after two billing cycles IF Landry does not dispute it. I would definitely appeal and ask for clarity on their policy.
  2. I outsource a lot of my daughter's classes, so I don't have practical advice for you, but I'm sure you are not the first homeschool mom who has had to play "transcript catch up", so I trust others will have helpful advice. :) I just wanted you to know that I understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed when so many unexpected things happen in life. I'm sorry the past few years have been so difficult. Hang in there! You'll get it done! :grouphug:
  3. SA Homeschooler, I sent you a Private Message about LiveLingua
  4. Over the weekend, I bought a block of 35 credits to share with a group of families, and transferring the credits has been very smooth. Please note that the credits for the current sale cannot be used until Summer of 2015 and beyond. The best pricing for Landry is when you are willing to buy one year in advance. FYI, if anyone needs credits for the upcoming year, I posted in Classifieds (it's buried deep by now) that I have 4 generic semesters available to sell that can be used for 2014 school year and beyond. They never expire, so they can be used at any point in the future for any class of your choosing. This will be the third year my dd has taken classes from Landry. I love how I've been able to drop/add classes from Landry by using the "generic" credits, and they go right back into my account for future use with no fees incurred. I paid $165 per semester for the credits I am selling. I can supply my Landry receipt to show proof of purchase if requested. If you pay via Paypal with the option that incurs fees, I will add $5.00 to cover the fees. I may have 2 more semesters to sell, but I won't know that info until later this summer because I'm still choosing classes for my dd. If interested please email me directly: cmmtomchuk@charter (insert a dot) net
  5. I'm not Leslie, but I found the largest discounts in early August. I am subscribed to their newsletter, so I receive regular emails which will post their generic credit "sales". This past year they also ran a special around Thanksgiving and before Christmas, so prices were good, but August was still less expensive.
  6. I wondered the same thing which is why I tried to reach him three different ways over an extended period of time. My dd has taken several online classes, and it's always been so easy to communicate with her teachers, so I find it odd that I didn't hear back from Sr. Gamache, so perhaps he is not meant to be her Spanish teacher.
  7. I emailed Dale Gamache about his HS Spanish class in February, and I received no response, so I followed up with a phone message two weeks later, but still no response. In March, I sent a letter asking questions about his class, and I included a completed application. I hoped to receive a phone call or email, but I still have received no response. I've heard wonderful things about his class which is why I have persisted in trying to make contact with him by email, by phone, and by letter, but I've given up.
  8. If you want to enroll her in an online LTW course, check out Jessica Shao @ Coram Deo Tutorials and CiRCE Academy. I corresponded at length with Jessica Shao and was quite impressed. She previously taught IEW.
  9. Is the summer intensive online? Can you share (PM if you prefer) the name of the online writing class that was disappointing? Was it an LToW class or something else?
  10. You might also want to check out TabletClass Math. No personal experience, but it is an Algebra program I looked at before deciding on TT for my math struggler.
  11. Matt, My dd is the same way in math, although she does fine in English. I'm also impressed that your dd is taking that many online classes as a new homeschooler. :001_smile: Perhaps there are ways to lighten her load. I already PM'd you about some ideas. I eased my dd into online classes, so she wouldn't be overwhelmed. In 7th grade she took a one semester writing class. In 8th grade she took a year-long English class, and a one semester writing class. This year in 9th grade, I upped her load, so she is now taking online classes for Spanish, Science, Writing, 1/2 semester Literature, Algebra 1 (although we had to drop it recently in order to slow down the pace for her since she struggles with math). But none of the classes are overly rigorous, so they are manageable for her. TPS is known for its rigor. I think Landry Academy might be worth considering especially in the subject areas that you want to spend less time on. I don't have a ton of experience with their classes (dd has taken English 3 and Spanish 1), but they've been a good fit for my dd.
  12. Matt, I sent you a private message, so please check your box.
  13. Bump! Any other ideas for an overview of World History preferably with a Christian Worldview?
  14. Landry Academy and the Potter's School both offer Spanish 3.
  15. I plan to use TT Algebra 1 after my daughter works through some of the Key to Algebra workbooks, so I've been researching additional resources to use if she gets stuck on a concept, and I recently discovered the following: www.homeschoolmathonline.com . It provides FREE lesson videos on Algebra 1, so if my dd is struggling with a particular concept, I will have her watch the corresponding lesson and perhaps it will click hearing it taught from a different teacher. Well, at least one can hope. :)
  16. Landry's website has sample class recordings from some of their teachers, so I always watch the recorded class to get a feel for the teacher's style before I decide whether or not to enroll my daughter in their class. If there is not a sample of a recorded class, I always ask the teacher to send me a link to a class they have taught, so I can watch it first. It helps me see how well they manage the students when class is in session, how they handle chatting, their teaching style, etc...
  17. Landry opens up a very narrow window in August to purchase "generic credits" at 50%+ off their full price that can be used the following school year and beyond because they never expire. I purchased generic credits in August 2012 to use this year at 52% off the full rate, and I registered my daughter for classes this year without a hitch. In fact, I dropped one of the classes I signed her up for, and the credits were transferred back into my account to use at a future date. Because I purchased generic credits a year in advance, this year's class only cost $340 whereas a previous Landry class cost $512 because I registered for it late in the year. August has the best rates, and then the rate will increase 2% every 2 weeks until they reach full price some time next summer for classes held during the 2014-15 school year, so the earlier you buy the greater the savings. Yes, I suppose there is a risk in purchasing ahead, but thus far my limited experience with Landry has been positive. This week I purchased 7 generic semesters to use for future classes, so each 2 semester class will run $330. Last year, my daughter took English III with Marilyn Whitlock, and I recommend her. My daughter just started Spanish I this year with Josie Ramos, so it is too early to give a report.
  18. I just sold an item and produced the shipping label via Paypal. The Media Mail cost was the same as the rate quoted on the USPS website. What a time saver! I despise standing in line at the PO. So glad I asked you wise ones for advice! Thanks so much!
  19. I checked on Paypal website about printing/paying for labels through them, but I have a question. Does Paypal allow you to ship via Media Mail? In the past, I have used the PO's online service to pay/print labels, but it doesn't allow me to use their online service if I want ship items via Media Mail, so I need to go to the PO in person. Does Paypal allow you to ship Media Mail? If so, is the shipping rate the same as at the PO, or do they tack on an extra fee for using their service? Thanks for your help. Marla
  20. Can you clarify the last statement you made that if you use Paypal to buy shipping, it will save you a lot of money? I'm not aware of that option. Thanks for your input everyone. I appreciate it.
  21. I haven't sold any curriculum in a while, but we are moving, so it is time to de-clutter my shelves. I checked the Paypal website to learn about their policies for sellers. It indicates that sellers have to pay 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction if the buy pays them through Paypal. I used to pay sellers via the "Personal" tab funded from my bank account whenever I bought items, so no additional fees were incurred for the seller, but it appears like that option no longer exists. It looks like the only "free" payment that can be received by a seller is if it comes from family or friends. Is that correct? With rising Media Mail costs and Paypal's seller fees, it doesn't leave much room for profit, so how do you figure out your sales price? I have a lot of items that are in "new" condition because I overbought, so I'd love to be able to re-coup as much as I can while still pricing in a range that will entice buyer's to buy. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  22. I plan to have dd study World Geography for 9th, so I'm pulling together various resources for her to use. I usually choose the newest edition of books, but several inexpensive copies of the 1st edition of "Around the World" are available, so I wondered what the differences are between the 1st & 2nd editions. Has the 2nd been changed enough that it is worth spending additional $$$? Thanks for any light you can shed.
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