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  1. Thank you! This has been extremely helpful!! And yes, I did mean to say British Lit.. Not history...Sorry! I'll read through all this again and take notes and formulate a plan.. Thanks so much!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback ladies. And no, the co-op teacher is not teaching writing. She's leaving the writing portion up to the parents to do or not do. Ok, so I'll add other readings (for a British Lit or Ancient history credit) and we'll do writing separately. I think I'll just do an entirely different writing program because she is a weak writer at this point. So I can give a full credit and call it British Lit if I add a few additional titles (Dickens, Austen.. what else?) and also add a writing program as well as have her do the writing assignments (or at least most of them) from LLfLofR? Or did I understand wrong?
  3. My 14yr old daughter is taking a Lord of the Rings literature course at co-op this year. The teacher is using Literary Lessons from The Lord of the Rings. She says I can give my daughter a credit for Ancient Literature, or Literature with an emphasis on Tolkien, or even British Lit (if I add a few more books from Dickens and Austen). She also says that I can give her dual credit for both Lit and Composition if she also does the writing portion of the program. I'm fine with this, but my husband is not. He says you have to write anyway in any literature course and he thinks I'm shortchanging her by giving her two credits. Has anyone been through this course and can comment?
  4. For anyone curious, here's the McGraw Hill LearnSmart digital Lab for A&P - http://learnsmartadvantage.com/course-books/learnsmart-labs-for-anatomy-physiology/
  5. That text looks fabulous, Claire! Thank you! Is there a reason you linked me to the 4th edition? I see there is a newer edition, but more expensive. We are going to have to do digital labs using the McGraw Hill LearnSmart Lab for A&P. If she were going into a science field, then I would have her do real labs, but she is way too sensitive to that sort of thing. But I will definitely get the text and workbook.. Looks perfect! Thank you again!
  6. I found this.. https://www.nala.ie/sites/default/files/publications/better_handwriting_for_adults.pdf
  7. Same problem here. My daughter will be a senior next year and her handwriting is still just terrible. She wants to improve it, but has a hard time. It's always been her biggest struggle. I'll check out the Zaner Bloser books. Thanks for posting this.
  8. Thank you so much for the feedback. I'm understanding more now. I will get in touch with this teacher and see what I can find out. I've actually never met her, but I'll try to find an email address or something (she's new at the co-op) So is it mostly pointless to do this since it's in her senior year and she will already have college applications sent out before taking the AP exam next May? What do you mean by "you might be able to present the rigor of the course as the next step"? Also, does "honors" look impressive on a homeschool transcript?
  9. Thank you for clarifying.. Here are the credentials for her British Lit teacher for next year - Should I speak to the teacher about the goal to take an AP exam before the class starts or can I just find an AP exam location on my own without teacher involvement? I'm not sure what "Pre-AP/AP certification" means or why this may be important and if it can even apply to a British Lit course (I'm just completely clueless). "Nicole ******* is an experienced high school/middle school teacher and new resident of *******. Teaching has been her passion for the last twelve years. She is certified to teach English in grades 7-12, with a gifted/talented endorsement, and Pre-AP/AP certifications. In addition to eight years of experience in the public school system, Nicole spent three years teaching classes at the **** co-op in ******, Tx including Formal Writing 1-3, French 1-4, and several literature/literary criticism courses. She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year, as well as Most Inspirational Teacher."
  10. Ok, I did some googling and clearly I am clueless on what AP entails. Apparently there are some exams to be taken throughout the year or maybe at the end of the year by The College Board. How does a homeschooler access these exams? Sorry for the rookie questions. I don't spend a lot of time researching this sort of thing (and I clearly should!).
  11. My daughter will be 12th grade next year. She is extremely advanced in English, writing, literature. She is University bound for an English degree. I want to show on her transcript that she has completed AP courses in English (at least one). How can I do that? She has written plays that have been performed by drama groups and she has taught Creative Writing courses (she wrote the curriculum herself) to high schoolers. She writes novels in her spare time (her passion) and she writes a book review column for our local newspaper. She is also a librarian at our library. I'm thinking all this together can count toward "honors" at least. How does this differ from AP and what can I do next year to make sure she has AP on her transcript, if anything? She will be taking British Lit and English Essentials in an academic co-op next year although she already has all her English credits. These will be extra. She will no longer be teaching, but she will continue with library work, writing her novels, research in career field (publishing, etc), and writing for the newspaper. I'm thinking about asking the English teacher at the co-op to give her extra work to make it AP. Will that work? Thanks, Misty
  12. I need an anatomy & physiology course WITH LAB for my 12th grader next year. I was looking at the McGraw Hill LearnSmart Lab (digital lab) which looks GREAT, but I can't figure out which text to use with it, if any.. Does anyone know? And any other suggestions for Anatomy & Physiology? This is my strong suit as I have a medical background. So it will be easy for me to teach, I just need proper text and lab. She Is NOT going into a science or technology field. She is University bound for an English degree with the goal of being a writer/editor. I'm also teaching her medical terminology along with it, but already have a book for that. Thanks! Misty
  13. Thanks ladies! I just realized the reason I always used Startwrite is because my kids do Getty/Dubay Italics. Are there any programs that create worksheets using italic handwriting?
  14. I haven't been on these boards in years so I'm a little out of the loop.. Are there any cheap programs for making copywork pages? I purchased StartWrite years ago, but I've lost my download code to download it onto my newer laptop. So before I go and purchase it again, is there anything else out there? Or better yet, is there a workbook to go along with FLL (the old edition where grades 1 & 2 are combined into one book). Thanks!
  15. Any ideas for what my students can do for their end-of-year exhibit? I teach English From the Roots Up to 6-9th graders at our co-op. I have 16 students. They can either make something to display on a table or they can recite something on stage.. Ideas please! I'm drawing a blank. The end-of-year exhibit is for the students to showcase to family what they have learned in their classes.
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