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  1. Deadpool says it a lot. Especially in crossovers in which the cartoon is marketed to kids. He’s a very popular marvel comic character who is super violent. Ryan Reynolds made two very high grossing rated r movies about him.
  2. After 100ezl I had my girls run through OPGTTR. I liked that it was all one book. We also used AAS when that was almost completed.
  3. My 7th and 8th grader used it this past year for geometry. One got a 91% and the other a 94% in the course. It felt very light and extremely easy. I thought it comparable to Kahn but even simpler. My kids liked the set up better because it is very streamlined and easy to follow. We did AOPS Algebra this year and used Kahn and CTC on days we needed a break from the hard stuff. This year I plan on doing Geometry using Jacobs and just supplementing with Kahn.
  4. Hi! I could use some recommendations for geometry curriculum. My girls are working on AOPS Algebra. They finished AOPS PreAlgebra this year and ran through Jacobs Elementary Algebra tests just because I had it and the girls needed a bit of a break. They don’t love math though. They don’t want to work more than 60 mins a day and if they did the quality and enthusiasm goes way down. There’s some anxiety/perfectionism in one girl and concentration issues in the other. All this to say I think we need to drop AOPS for Geometry and beyond. Locally the recommendations are MUS, TT, and Fred. I’m looking for other ideas. We have tablets but no computer so TT is out. They tried LOF the PreAlgebra 1 book and liked the story but hated the teaching style. They enjoyed the explicit teaching in MM. They also liked the teaching in Beast and AOPS. The Alcumus videos have been watched occasionally but if anyone gets stuck they much prefer I teach the subject. I think the videos just don’t hold their attention. I really like the fully worked out answers in AOPS books. Any ideas? I was thinking of doing MUS Geometry as an easier supplement this year and then something more in-depth next year. The girls like to take breaks and switch things up. I’ve heard MUS isn’t always considered a full Geometry. Girls are 12 & 13 and will be in 7th & 8th next year. Thanks!
  5. My mom made the owl last year! Super cute and I would totally take it in an exchange. I like the quilted ones too!
  6. The Planet Earth book does have a page that mentions young earth and uses a bible verse to back up it’s validity over old earth. I dont have the book any longer or I would quote it for you. It’s very short but it is stated as the correct view. I personally feel the last chapter in Biology is there to discredit the idea of evolution. It mentions Archaeoraptor and Piltdown as known hoaxes. Showing how people used them as examples of evolution and then an explanation on how/ why they were faked. It doesn’t mention evolution besides that. That being said the books are very readable and my girls enjoy them. The Astronomy and Planet Earth books were the favorites.
  7. I’d probably want them to be taken out for a long walk and other gross motor activities. At 8 I’m not sure I would have trusted my oldest out with someone not solely focused on her due to some issues. But it would have been great!
  8. Very easy. No records and no tests. In our area there are several co-ops or homeschool partnerships to choose from. School’s knowledge in letting homeschoolers participate in electives seems to be dependent on the city. High schools do not have to give credit for homeschool classes so enrolling midway isn’t usually an option.
  9. Our aquatic frog (African clawed) eats fish. I’m thinking she would try to eat a beta. We learned she wanted to eat fish accidentally. She gets 4 or 5 rosy reds a week and eats them all within a day. She is surprisingly very low mess. We also have a beta and it is by far my favorite fish. I swear they have a personality. It comes up to be feed when we are near and it makes much less mess than a goldfish.
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