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  1. I think is extremely important. Just recognizing that I have had privilege based on my race has helped me see some of the systemic discrimination I didn't recognize before. I have two friends. Friend A is white and her husband is black. She has 3 very LARGE sons. 6'6" and UP. It's crazy how tall they are and they are very dark skinned. When they are walking down the street in the city ,she said she can't even count how many times she has been stopped by white men and asked if she "needs help" and "everything ok?" I had this conversation with her and another friend who ALSO has 2 s
  2. I'm not 😉 It's none of my business and Rosie said she can leave it here if we keep it nonspecific so I am not crossing into the politics line lol. But thank you for your answer.
  3. This is interesting to me. Really...not snark...I'm curious. So if a candidate lined up with your important issues but you found out something they did that was completely illegal and immoral that would not change your opinion? What if it was something that they could potentially do in their new position and could have dire effects on their constituents.
  4. I don't think individual schools should be allowed to raise money or request grants. My sister's public school in a wealthy neighborhood raised over $400K every year. How is that fair to the school down the street in a middle to low income area? This was an elementary school!! Not even a high school!!
  5. You're absolutely right. I am so sorry. I thought that was the room I was in at the time. Ive been flipping back and forth so many times I forgot where I was. So sorry about that!!!
  6. I am absolutely certain that this question has been asked so if someone just wants to link me to it...I'll just go read it 😉 but here's my question: I am trying to understand how people who try to live their lives as their best selves, try to make choices that are moral and loving and decent..people who put a very high price tag on doing the right thing with regards to society and individuals can support a candidate who doesn't. I am NOT trying to be snarky. I know some amazing people who appear to really care about living their faith or living a moral life who support some of the candida
  7. I think that this is easy to say for those of us who have generally lived a life of privilege. I don't mean we are necessarily wealthy. And I don't mean that we haven't had our own horribly destructive history but if I was to say to someone "don't dwell on your past" and their past is continually brushed aside as in THE PAST, how are they expected to feel. And often times it is not their PAST it continues to be their PRESENT. I can not move forward until I have contended with things that negatively shaped me. I was raised in a family where you didn't talk about it, you didn't tell anyone about
  8. First section deleted because it was in response to the deleted post. I'm more speaking to the exchange between you and Dreamergal. Did we always assume that a comment or response had aggressive/passive aggressive undertones? I'm a lurker turned "putting my toe in poster" so I don't know all of the dynamics between people here, but as an "outsider" it seems like there is more jumping to conclusions and less asking for clarification. I'm not trying to be snarky or condescending..I'm really trying to understand. I don't know how you do add the highlighted name thing. LOL But I tried t
  9. You are are on the right track!!! Speaking our truth is so hard. Especially IRL. Places like this, even when they get intense, are a wonderful place to begin the process. You can speak your truth to me any time you want!!!!
  10. Thank you. I could never have said this so well.
  11. I think this is at the heart of what I am talking about...or asking? I also live in California. I am more in line with what the ideas of majority of CA but I live in an area that is predominantly of the minority thought and I too come up against California "tolerance" where I am left speechless. So it doesn't matter. We both still have to deal with "tolerance". That word cracks me up by the way. Thank you for my new favorite phrase. The vast polarization and intolerance seems so counterproductive.
  12. I agree with this. And i remain in relationship with several people because I love them even though I abhor them continually pushing their beliefs and belittling mine.I do this because they are my parents or long time family friends and I have found balance. I take space when I need to and I help guide conversation away from landmines. I am not willing to do this with everyone. Not because I disagree with their beliefs but because they shove them down my throat. I have acquaintances and friends who have very different beliefs. I have a gay daughter and there is a possibility that some of thes
  13. Amen to this! Bubbles are the way of life around here. It's ludicrous to me that we are having versions of the "world is flat" conversation over and over again. I still hear that sexism, sexual harassment, racism etc don't exist. It's never that blunt but they always side with the perpetrator and not the victim so as far as I am concerned they live in their own utopian bubble or they just don't give a darn. It's very hard to continue to claim I live in a democratic society.
  14. I've always been a proponent of finding friends not organizations. I have no problems in dance studios or places where we have a common goal, but things like church or homeschool support groups have always been challenging. It seems to me that people used to be more open to different backgrounds or beliefs. Everything is so polarized now. How does that get fixed?
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