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  1. Morning, everyone! Today’s a date day for me and dh. The kids spend Good Friday with nana every year, doing all kinds of Easter-y activities. I’m not sure what dh and I will do, but it will be a much-needed break. 💖
  2. Our girl is a handful. We got her to be a companion/emotional support dog for my dd with OCD. Perhaps something a little calmer would’ve been better. 😝. However, she has definitely become a part of our family. She’s still quite “nippy” with the boys especially, but she’s only 2 1/2. Even though she can drive me nuts and make life more difficult, I love her. She’s so smart!
  3. Hope everything is okay! We have a blue heeler. ❣️ The only thing she gets to herd is the little boys. 😝
  4. This, too! It seems like with 4 libraries to choose from, we wouldn’t run out of things to read, but with some libraries’ emphasis on tech gadgets (& others’ on lots of programming, which is great, but not to the detriment of the collection!), it’s not unusual for my girls to feel like the libraries have little to offer them.
  5. One thing about one of mine (small towns each with a library) is the over-emphasis on electronics/video games, to the detriment of emphasis on reading. 😣
  6. The library found the books that were charged on my account on the shelves! 🎉🎉 Vindication! 😝
  7. Play practice was canceled due to the threat of severe weather. An afternoon AT HOME! 😲
  8. “Karen” calls me about lowering interest rates on credit cards we don’t have and never have had. 🤪
  9. Thanks, Chris! One child spent about 4 mos in intensive OCD treatment (partial hospitalization) a few years ago. The anxiety piece for the other child is somewhat new, so we’re navigating new territory with this one.
  10. Okay, maybe this is adolescent humor, but considering the fact that I spend all day, everyday with two adolescents and two little boys, maybe it’s not too inappropriate. 😝
  11. Morning. Ugh. Last night was a difficult night with my two very anxious children having some issues. We’ve been on this diagnosed-anxiety disorder wagon (OCD, specifically) since 2016 and it can still be a wild ride, especially adding in puberty. 🤯 Prayers appreciated. This morning: —coffee + quiet✅ —make sure kids know what to do (ha!)✅ —work on grass cutting for a couple of hours. I started doing the majority of our mowing last year because dh works a busy and demanding job and travels a lot. Mowing is a pretty prodigious task here in the hot-n-humid south. We have a long growing season, especially when the summer is wet so the grass doesn’t burn up. Ours is embarrassingly tall right now but it has been so rainy we can’t get a good day to do cut it. This morning starts the process. Let the fun begin!✅ —shower✅ —school with boys✅ —lunch✅ —touch base with girls✅ —dd13 to play practice (canceled! 🎉) —take girls to shop✅ —supper (what on earth?)(leftovers!)✅ —visit my parents? ✅ —grocery run? MUST DO: —call about SAT testing for OLSAT administrators ✅ (did next-best-thing: called a former test admin for our co op and asked her my question) —fix SAT schedule and email moms of kids taking it —call library and ask them to look for some books still charged to my account✅
  12. Cut my class loose early because 2/3 of the class was absent. Now how to spend my newly-discovered free time? 🤨
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