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  1. Biblioplan might fit the bill for you. They use a 4 yr history cycle, but they also include an extensive reading list with tons of options to choose from at all levels. They say that it's like a buffet of options. You aren't supposed to do everything, just pick and choose the pieces that you want to include. So, it would be easy to use that as a spine and just focus on the literature aspect.
  2. We loved MM for 1st & 2nd grade, but as we started the 3rd grade book this year, my daughter just shut down. She could do the work, but the layout of the pages was just overwhelming. Even with marking out about 1/2 the problems, she was still frustrated. It was just visually overwhelming. I decided to switch to Singapore just to try it, and it's going SO much better for her. Even doing the same amount of problems doesn't bother her because it's laid out in a way that is more appealing to her. We did love the way MM taught. It's a very strong program, and her mental math skills
  3. Perhaps Biblioplan? They have a huge booklist, so you can include as much lit as you'd like.
  4. Math: Math Mammoth 2 with BA 2 thrown in as a supplement LA: The Good & The Beautiful Level 2 (may supplement spelling... undecided there) History: SOTW 1 Audio with crafts/activities Science: Science in the Beginning plus monthly science class at local museum Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Bible: Community Bible Study and possibly CLE Bible 2 on off-weeks (because dd requested it... she loved Bible 1) Other: code.org, COAH artist study, Critical Thinking Co Mind Benders, monthly book club
  5. I love Confessions of a Homeschooler's World's Greatest Artists series.
  6. I'm only on my 2nd year of homeschooling, but I learned last year after using a boxed curriculum (My Father's World) that I'm just not the type who can do a whole program like it's written. I like to pick and choose and customize things to fit our family. So, this year, we're using a little of this and a little of that, and it's been SUCH a nice change! I know others who thrive on a boxed curriculum. They love having everything together in a tidy package and not having to worry about leaving something out. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just comes down to a personal dec
  7. The numbers are 19, 76, 10, 21, 63, and 49. How is she doing with the rest of the program? Maybe she just isn't ready for formal math?
  8. Thank you! She loves the Critical Thinking Co. Mind Bender books, so these suggestions are right up her alley!
  9. That's a fair point, Wendy. I haven't explicitly taught her these things, but I have not tested her on the topics either. Maybe that needs to be my first order of business... just to see what she actually knows.
  10. HAHA It's like you're in my house! LOL You pretty much just described our day. If we do it orally, she could whip through the whole lesson in a MAX of 15 min (including flash cards & speed drills). Yet, she's perfectly content to take an hour to answer a couple of simple problems, so she doodles or makes up songs or "just needs to give you a hug." Today, we did a large chunk of CLE orally, and it went much more quickly and smoothly. Somehow, I've convinced myself that it was cheating not to have her write the answers down (silly, I know). In looking through CLE, there's still ple
  11. Thank you all SO much! You've given me a lot to think about!
  12. We are currently using CLE Math 100. We're on lesson 102 out of 170, and I actually really like it. It's straight-forward, easy to teach, no prep, and it gets done. My dd does well with it, but the problem is she hates it. She's advanced in a lot of areas, but I suspect she's bored with the spiral approach to math. She gets 100% on all tests and quizzes, and she knows the answers almost instantly. But she whines, drags her feet, daydreams, and asks if we HAVE to do math today. She tells me repeatedly that she hates math. Now, obviously, I understand that not everything will be fun, and
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