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  1. This sounds exactly like my daughter, I came to the forum today searching Saxon vs MUS posts because we are struggling with Saxon and suspect she may benefit from MUS. Did the child you accelerated MUS with watch the videos for each lesson? Did he continue the program once "caught up" in math, or did he go back to Saxon...or to something else?
  2. We were only a few lessons into AAR 1 so we will start with LOE Foundations A. I have HWOT My Fist School Book, but I was concerned that it teaches capital letters and LOE A teaches lower case. I also have Kick Start Kindergarten which has both upper and lower case. This is my first time teaching phonics/handwriting, so I really appreciate any advice! Thank you!
  3. We are in a similar boat! I started LOE with my daughter but the handwriting strokes and handwriting workbook pages really frustrated her, so after lesson 5 we switched to AAR 1. Thankfully, I held onto the LOE stuff because I think it was actually a better fit for her, but I want to use HWOT for handwriting instead. I have HWOT on hand, and just this morning was trying to figure out how I wanted to execute it with LOE. Will you try to pair the HWOT pages with the phonogram you are learning in LOE, or will you just do both books in order without trying to match them up? Thanks!
  4. CLE has some really great math review worksheet sets called "Math Skill Development Worksheets" listed under their Support Materials tab. I used them a few years ago when my daughter was in 7th or 8th grade to fill in gaps. If I remember correctly, they contain review sheets from Math 100 (~1st grade) to Math 800 (~8th grade).
  5. I am in a similar situation with my DD that will be in 8th grade in the fall. She's been using TT for the past couple years, but midway through Pre-Algebra this year I realized she was retaining nothing and we switched to LOF for a while. While searching other options, I had her try some CLE samples and she really enjoyed it and for the first time didn't complain about math! To help make sure to fill any gaps before beginning 800 next year, I had her work through CLE's Math Development Skills sets. They have 3 available: Algebra; Geometry; Fractions, Ratios, and Proportions and they review material from 200-800. I had her skip all the 800 level sheets since it would be new material next year. You mentioned maybe even needing to review some of the 500 material, these booklets may be a good way to accelerate through some of that or at least pinpoint areas to work on. We've found them helpful as a review in general as well as to fill in holes to prepare for next year.
  6. Last year was our 1st year homeschooling after public school and we used Growing With Grammar and we liked it fine. After reading WTM over the summer and finding a cheap copy of R&S English 4 set, I picked it up to see if it might work for us this school year. I liked what I saw, so I purchased R&S English 3 & 5 for my 3rd and 5th graders. OF COURSE, I found a new (all inclusive) LA program weeks before starting school in August and just had to try it :lol: ! At first we were all in love but then we zoomed through all the spelling lists and had to find something new for that, and the writing wasn't what I thought so started supplementing that as well. We burned out quickly soon after. Sooo I pulled out the R&S English and decided to casually try it a few weeks before Christmas break. Turns out we all really like it and I should have used it from the start of the year! The English 5 looked a little advanced for my 5th grader so I am using level 4 for her. My question is am I OK to use English 5 (which I already have) next year for her 6th grade year or should I purchase English 6? The other option would be to start on English 5 after break and do what we can the rest of the school year...then finish English 5 the start of 6th grade or skip to English 6 the beginning of 6th grade? :confused1: Thanks!!
  7. The author is excellent about responding personally to emails! I have emailed her several times regarding placement and general questions about the programs and she is always very helpful and answers rather quickly.
  8. Kick in the pants 😆 we've been using TG&TB LA just over a week and so far so good...just wondering others thoughts on the program
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