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  1. I'm trying to find something that will track google searches (specifically) and a general filter that blocks inappropriate pictures. Ones that I have tried do not block things such as "bikini" or b**bs" if searched. Any help for me? I can't believe there are not filters to block sexual images (I know bikini is something that is tricky as not necessarily considered porn...but can be abused by boys). Qustodio showed me google searches but caused the computer to constantly crash and not work correctly. Thanks for any help. Definitely need something for Apple products.
  2. How many of you do the 4-year history cycle for high school? I always thought I would but now see that what is required is only World History, American History, and Gov/Econ. I know I can do beyond that but with the CA charter school was told any other history would be listed as an elective. My daughter is ready to do Ancients next year and I'm not sure if I should go forward with it. She did history cycle 3 (freshman year) and history cycle 4 (sophomore year). I am counting that as Early Modern/American 1 and Modern/American II. Hopefully the charter school will except that (we are putting her in the CA charter school this coming junior year for various reasons). I'm wondering if maybe I should do a full year of US History or World Geography, etc. I guess I always thought we'd do the 4-year but doesn't seem like many people do. I guess officially her high school requirements are met so anything we do beyond is our choice and not a big deal? Hope this make sense!
  3. Hi- I'm looking at some possible classes for my upcoming 9th and 11th graders. Just wondering your experience with WTM Academy. I think we will do the delayed classes so we have a little more flexibility in our schedule. I know this sounds bad, but is it really rigorous? I'm not sure what my kids can handle. 🙂 Of course, I don't mind if they are pushed a bit.
  4. I’d like to do this. They don’t care where the sample came from? I guess, who sees the sample? Seems wrong. 😕 I just need simple, workbooks for some subjects next year. I like CLE language arts (from what I’ve seen; I’ve never used). I guess it’s only one part of the ELA so I could use samples from other stuff.
  5. Following along. I have a struggling 6th grader and don't know where to go from here.
  6. I'm looking for language arts for my 2nd grader (and maybe 5th grader/7th grader) for next year. I see Master Books, CLE, and Good & Beautiful recommended. Is there anything like these that are secular (since we are with CA charter schools). I would love an engaging but more workbook style book for LA. Thanks!
  7. Now this would be great! No LAX though. 😞 I wonder if they will have that sale soon. Ack. I could get there from SFO for $900 for two. I like that better that $1300 but we'd still have to get to SFO. By the time I book separate tickets, etc., I'm not sure it is worth the cost difference. BUT, thanks for the heads up. I signed up for notifications from LAX. So far no Germany. :P
  8. Where did you fly from PeppermintPattie? I’m in Los Angeles. Lufthansa would be great but they are high priced right now. How soon before your trip did you book? I’ve been watching FRA, MUC, and Berlin. You paid less than $650 on Lufthansa?! The trip is 5 months away so I’m nervous about booking already. But if tickets go higher than $650 then we may not be able to go. Tight budget! The cheaper tickets don’t allow cancellation.
  9. Hi! I'm planning a trip for myself and my husband in September. We will go to Augsburg (grew up going there), Munich, Berlin, Wittenberg, etc. I am wondering tips on what you think is an average good deal on flights to Europe. It looks like London is around 400-500 from LAX. I found tickets for $650 on Singapore Airlines to Frankfurt. I was hoping fo $500 (or less!) each but don't know if that is realistic. Also, if you live in Germany or visited one of the places mentioned, I'd love any tips on places to stay (hotels, areas) and favorite things you did. I haven't been to Germany in 20 years! Thanks!
  10. Why wouldn’t exponents/powers of ten be covered? This is suppose to be the US edition placement test. Same one on SM page as well as Sonlight and MFW. Weird!
  11. Where does SM teach this concept? This picture shows questions from placement test 5a. I can’t find a lesson about this in 5a...or any of the other books. Any ideas?
  12. Thanks for your input. I have heard about gaming the system but how exactly? The 3.0 allows for the parent to turn off hints and you can do only 1 try vs 2 tries. Though I'm not sure how that games the system. Is it just guessing and asking for hints, etc? I'm asking because the child I want to use the pre-algebra with will figure out a way to game if there is one. The reason I would use TT is for the online aspect where I don't have to grade and there is a teacher explaining the lesson. I am hesitant to not have the child use a book or write down problems, etc.
  13. I'm wondering this, too. I don't like that the 3.0 is an ebook. I like actual texts. I'm not familiar with TT though so not sure how much you actually need the textbook?
  14. So, we do not need to buy the book? Do they work out the problems on paper and then just type it in? I know there is an ebook but not sure how often it is used or if the video is just watched and questions answered online.
  15. What is your reasoning for using Saxon 1/2 vs Saxon 8/7? Does 1/2 review basic concepts? It may be less intimidating than the large 8/7. Though I'm still thinking about using MM 5,6.
  16. She only mentioned it because of what she heard from other teachers and parents about it. She doesn't have a particular recommendation based on his learning style, etc.
  17. I tried using CLE with another kid last year and found that it was a pain to show my work samples from another curriculum. I could use CLE and use my own money, but I'd still have to show work samples that aren't from a Christian curriculum. I would have to do CLE and then have him do MM worksheets or something. I just didn't want to go that route (especially because I don't want to spend the money). I don't think CLE is the magical solution (not that you said it was..) because we used it with this particular son in 4th, 5th, and 6th without much success (though I overall liked it a lot). I don't necessarily think it is curriculum as much as it is the particular kid. I have tried things like sitting by him, slowing him down, talking through each problem (but he is 13 and I have 4 other that is not realistic). I check his work and generally make him redo the problems (prolonging our math hour even more). I have him do 5 at a time to slow him down and that helps sometimes. I plan to do that this year...just don't know which curriculum to use. ? I guess I could go back to Saxon 8/7? I'm just trying to see if he needs to go back and relearn concepts? Maybe he never solidified understanding? This is originally why I switched to Saxon (with the review built in). He didn't seem to do as well with the short snippet instructions (spiral).
  18. Alrighty folks! I'm struggling to figure out the math path I need to take. Sorry if this gets long.... I have an 8th grader this coming year. He struggled with Saxon 8/7 last year (sloppy mistakes mostly vs lack of understanding....generally gets things right 2nd time...though there seems to be big gaps in understanding). I moved him to old Saxon 7/6. He did just okay. Previous years he did math mammoth and CLE. We moved away from CLE because of joining a charter (CA). I can't say anything we tried was "working." This summer he barely passed the 3rd grade MM placement test. Didn't do well on the 4th grade or 5th grade...again, mainly because of sloppy mistakes, rushing, adding wrong, multiplying wrong, etc. On we go now and I thought maybe I would start him in MM 5 for the year trying to somehow get him ready for Algebra I by 9th grade (even if that means he may repeat 8th grade next year). My charter school TF suggested Singapore. Anyone like Singapore vs MM? I do have 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b and would just need to find the matching teacher's guide (I'm not sure I have the current editions--it says 2003 but the ISBN doesn't match what I see online). I am very tempted to use Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra. He did test 1 and got a 71%. He seems to really like TT. I have only heard negative reviews and my TF (while she definitely encourages me to do what I think is best) said she has not heard good things either about TT and it has gaps, behind, etc. So, what would you do? MM5, Singapore 5 o 6? Or Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra (him testing in this grade shows me it is probably "easier" or a tad "behind"). If you suggest Singapore, what books do I need for that? Do I need the Home Insructors' Guide? Textbook, workbooks and anything else? I need to just stick with whatever I chose as I believe the jumping around is part of the problem. I like the ease of use of MM but worried about the lack of review, etc. I know MEP is an option, too, but I'm not sure where to start with that either. And how then do I get him caught up for Algebra I in a year or two?! If you read all that...thank you! He did have a math tutor this summer who had him do some Beast Academy. He only suggested MM or Singapore and also did not like the idea of Teaching Textbooks. He wasn't clear on what grade to start my ds though.
  19. Will you share you history plan for your student for high school--what you will call it and what curriculum used? I.E., 9th grade: World Geography and curriculum _____________, 10th grade US History ___________ What is actually needed? World History, US History, Geography, Gov/Econ? My daughter just did Year 3 Biblioplan. I labeled it as Early Modern US and World History. If I do Year 4, is that enough for US History or should I do something like Notgrass or HOD? I noticed MOH 4 is to not be counted as US History. So I get confused with the 4-year cycle in high school. I'm not sure where Ancients fits in and I think a year of Geography would be good. Thanks!
  20. Wondering how you list history and literature on your transcript. Meaning, if you are following the 4-year history cycle, how do you list them and then what literature matches up with those years? So, for example, World Literature matches up with what history year? British Literature would go with year 3? Or year 2? American Literature with year 4, etc? Then for the history year 1 is called ?? Year 2? World History, American History, etc. I just don't know how to label them and can't find the help for that in the WTM book. Also anyone do a year of Geography?
  21. What age is this best for? Could I combine my 5th grader with 7th grader? We are using Easy Grammar 6 right now and hate it. I loved Rod and Staff Grammar but can't use it (CA charter school). I am not sure if I should place my 5th grader in FLL 4 or in this new program. Thought this would be a good place to ask! Sorry for taking over...:P
  22. I am with a CA charter school so I will inquire about assessments. I don't know otherwise where to get assessments? I know part of his math problem is rushing through it. But, I have not successfully slowed him down. I hate to say this but I cannot sit with him each day for his subjects (all of them....) and work 1:1. I have 4 other kids I am also trying to manage. I wish he could be more independent. I know if I did sit 1:1 all day he would be doing a bit better. But this is not realistic. :( I know it sounds like bad parenting/teaching but I don't know what else to do.
  23. My 7th grader seems to be struggling. I know that this is partially my fault. I feel like I kept moving him along, grade to grade, but thinking each time, "Should I hold him back a grade?" Here we are now in 7th grade and he is not doing well. I need to slooow it down and help get him to where he needs to be. I just don't know how. Math: We have done MM 1-4, CLE 5-6, and now he is in Saxon 8/7 (where he seemed to place...). He has not passed any of the lessons. It is normally really silly mistakes and when I have him redo the work, slow down, etc., he generally gets the answer correct. I got fed up one day and had him start taking the tests from my younger ds's math: Saxon 6/5, So he did ok with test 1. Did not that great in test 2. And got 11 out of 20 for test 3. 5th grade math for a 7th grader. Any suggestions? Should I continue having him test the 6/5 book and as he gets them wrong go over each individual problem and make sure he understands the concept? Or do this with 8/7, slowing down, going over each individual problem? I am not sure what is going on. He does fine on math facts/xtra math. It seems like sloppy, careless mistakes but I don't know how to make him stop it. :P Reading: He struggles with reading. He just doesn't like it. He can barely write a paragraph and I am trying to help him by doing IEW SWI-B slowly. Spelling, ack. He joined his younger brothers and started with AAS 2 so we will see if that helps. Anyways, I have no idea how to step back and get him on track again. Thanks for listening. I know I need to work with him where he is at but don't know how.
  24. I am trying to educate the student and get her into college, too. This is why I care about WHAT I am using for science this year rather than just picking anything.
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