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  1. Hello, Does anyone have experience using the online video streaming services to supplement Algebra 2 (or Algebra 1) texts? We are about to begin Algebra 2, my dd student has done well and mastered most material fairly easily. However, she is reluctant about me being her primary teacher for Algebra 2 and I am also a little hesitant. We think a video supplement may be of benefit. I was evaluating the following 2 options: -Prentice Hall Foersters /math without borders video combo -Memoria Press video streaming - uses Prentice Hall Smith text I'm planning on purchasing the Solutions Manual to whichever we decide to use. Does anyone have experience with either or both of these video services? Any comments on their quality? I'm also unclear why MP uses the SMITH author for the text since it appears to be the same basic text as Foersters. I have also considered Derek Owens.... Thanks!!!!
  2. Thanks everyone for the insight and clarifying the requirements/approaches for me! Very helpful!!
  3. Thanks kand & Klmama! Klmama - where do you obtain the composition assignments to tie in with the literature? Do you create your own? Thanks!
  4. Hello! Some help needed rising 9th grade DD has completed Classical Conversations challenge programs and used LToW. We are not doing CC this coming school year (9th grade) and I'm having a hard time sorting through the pros/cons of various programs for the English credit. She's a strong student, writer, reader, strong grammar skills, and scored the highest score on the National Latin Exam. She is my oldest, so the HS curriculum is a new one for me! I had a senior homeschool mom recommend Skills for Literary Analysis/Stobaugh - however after reading through the teacher's guide, this does not actually help in "how" to write the essay. So we definitely need to add on a solid writing program to accompany it. However, since we have never really done any literary analysis, I'm not sure this is the best choice for us. It seems rather confusing in the exercises and they don't tie into the literary readings exclusively. Can someone break down some pros/cons for me on some other Literary programs? Some to consider: Lightening Literature/Composition 8, Windows to World, Excellence in Literature/Intro to Literature and Skills for Literary Analysis --does anyone have any experience with these? I'm also considering going through the CAP writing/rhetoric or WWS guides to help solidify her writing skills. I wasn't super crazy about LTOW - so I'm not continuing with that. We did do some IEW through CC and WWE in elementary years. The way I understand HS English I, we need to do composition AND literature. I'm assuming I need to get a specific curriculum for both. Do some of these overlap the literature/writing? Do I need separate ones to allow me to have the appropriate credit hours? I also plan on adding a monthly or bi-monthly grammar rules type of review and vocab. work maybe 2-3x per month to add to the HS English I credit. I've read through many of these posts and realize this isn't a new question...I just wanted some specific literary analysis input primarily! MANY THANKS!!
  5. Hello, Does anyone have experience or an opinion of pros/cons to TT Geo 2.0 vs the 3.0 online version? Thanks!
  6. Hello- can someone enlighten me for fall 2018 9th grade biology ? I’m beginning to research our options. Is the Apologia Biology I course one that meets requirements for accreditation of transcripts? I was told by a friend that it doesn’t meet requirements. Could it be used but supplemented with other labs/materials to meet accreditation requirements? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I have a 11yr old dd entering 6th grade. We have always used Singapore successfully, but are ready for a switch. We attempted AoPS pre-algebra. It's not working for us so I'm considering Saxon 8/7 or Right Start G. Is it recommended to do Right Start G if the student hasn't done ANY of the RightStart program? Also is it a better plan to do pre-algebra and follow with Algebra I for consistency before adding Geometry concepts? My dd does well in math and is an accelerated learner but I'm concerned about this path leading to Algebra I in 7th and then the concepts being too difficult. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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