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  1. This looks really great. It would count as a science credit and I would call it pre-med? Do you think colleges would think it was odd she took pre-med if she has no interest in anything science/medical related? I'm still confused what is required. 2 sciences with labs in California. But, colleges prefer 3 sciences. Then why do so many people actual do 4 years of science for non-science majors? Thanks for all the help and patience with my questions!
  2. I was told that what books/curriculum used is not looked at by colleges. Maybe this isn't true--I'm not sure. You document the class, how many credits, and make sure your child does the work for the proper number of hours. What books were used isn't what matters as much as what they know, their ACT score, etc. (from the colleges point-of-view). Wrong?
  3. She did Physical Science last year. The PSP I belong to said I can do Anatomy and have her do research papers on different topics (diseases of different systems, etc). This is so confusing! Why wouldn't Guesthollow's Anatomy count?
  4. Thank you everyone for your help! I got Lively Art of Writing and think maybe that will be a good start. Not sure what I will do for the 2nd semester.
  5. My dd is in 9th grade this school year. We plan to do Biology next year (due to co-op options). I'm not wanting to take a whole year off this year but don't want to do Earth Science/Astronomy, etc. I was hoping to maybe do Anatomy. So, is there a way I could use Apologia's Anatomy and Physiology that is for Elementary and beef it up (how?)? Or would GuestHollow's Anatomy be good for 1 credit? I am not sure if I have to do a lab for it to count. Could I add in Total Health under that credit? She will do Biology in 10th, Chemistry in 11th, and maybe Physics in 12th. Biology and Chemistry have labs, I believe. I think CA requires 2 labs. I have to check what college require.
  6. This has been helpful. So, I'm stuck most with writing. She wants to be a writer/author/editor. She really only has done WWS1. I don't know where to go from there. So many choices, so many reviews. Ah! Do I do some more WWS and do the second book? She didn't like that because she just wanted to write stories, etc., but I told her this is important stuff! I'm scared personally to try to use Elegant Essay. Is it really teacher intensive? I have 4 younger ones and my time is a bit limited, so I need something a little more independent? What would that be? Or is EE not that bad? I have seen mention of Lively Art of Writing a lot--but is that hard to implement? So, do I focus on more research paper writing, developing paragraphs, essays? I don't even know how to evaluate where she is in writing. She did a decent research paper last year for WWS1.
  7. Will you share what you are doing or did do for 9th grade English. Grammar: Writing: Literature: etc. I am particularly interested in the route you took for Writing. Did you focus literary analysis or did you do more WWS2 type work? Recommendations for writing are also appreciated. I see Elegant Essay mentioned a lot and then read a lot of bad reviews on it. I need something not as hands on, I believe. Thanks!
  8. I need some help as I'm getting quite confused. For 9th grade I'm trying to figure out what my dd will need for English 9. I will keep her doing some grammar (R&S or Analytical Grammar). Now, I'm trying to understand writing (structure, etc) and literature analysis, etc. What are the components I need? If my dd is getting her literature list from Biblioplan, does she need more, like Windows to the World for literature analysis? Just read the BP books and do more with WttW? Add in Teaching the Classics? Or do we just do a writing program like WWS 2 (or can she skip and do 3?)? Or Elegant Essay? Maybe CAP Writing and Rhetoric? That is comparable to WWS? I see things like Excellence in Literature, etc. I'm just not sure on what I would actually need. Yes, she still needs guidance with writing skills. Yes, I would like her to be strong in literature analysis. Hope this question makes sense. There are so many choices but then different components to the choices. I also have Editor in Chief for her to work on (she wants to do some editing when older, etc.) So, there is writing, literature analysis, vocab, grammar, actual literature reading, etc.
  9. Any other input? What do you prefer Third Form or Latin Alive?
  10. It's definitely because they aren't offering biology (but chemistry) at the co-op. Since my dd struggled a little anyways, when I asked what to do about Biology since they don't have it but will the following year, they said it's fine to just wait. Skip a year of science.
  11. I'm not really sure. The teacher and another teacher at the co-op just suggested she wait another year for readiness, etc. The one teacher has a daughter that will also be waiting a year (skipping science in 9th). I was really quite hands off for her science. I just know she had a harder time in that than her other subjects (besides math!). I'm trying to understand why she would have to do a class like Apologia Chemistry vs Guesthollow Chemistry. I am not sure what she needs for SAT/ACT testing, college, etc.
  12. She likes language arts/english, etc. Loves doing Latin. She wants to write. Not a math/science person!
  13. She had some struggle with the math parts and some of the science concepts in general.
  14. Anyone have experience and could tell me the difference between the two and which they prefer? My daughter did First Form and Second Form (but in a co-op setting). Next year she will not have a co-op that offers Latin. I like the looks of Latin Alive CAP a bit better and it seems to help prepare better for the National Latin Exam. Any would I start with Latin Alive I?
  15. It was suggested to me by my dd's science teacher from this year (physical science) that she should skip biology next year and wait until 10th grade. Should that be a problem? What could she do to help prep for upcoming science classes (as she struggles a bit)? I love the looks of Guest Hollow Chemistry in the Kitchen. Since she wouldn't need a specific math for that, could she do that? Would I count it for a credit? Any other suggestions on what she could do instead?
  16. You are going to use that to prep for Algebra I? Is this a pre algebra book then?
  17. My dd will be starting 9th grade next year. She is currently finishing up Saxon 8/7 (after having done MM 7A). She is really struggling. Any suggestions as to what I can get (workbooks, etc) to help work with her this summer so that she is better prepared for Algebra next year? We are probably going to do TT Algebra. People may suggest Khan Academy but where do I start with that and I would generally prefer paper to computer.
  18. Bringing up an old thread. What did you end up sung and did it work out for you? I am debating MUS vs TT for my dd that is struggling in math.
  19. How does a kid game TT? I was thinking about it for my 12yo ds, but he would figure that out, if possible. I did notice in the samples online that if you get a problem wrong you can try again or just skip it. He would not try it again! I don't like that and I can't stand there watching him.

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  21. Do you know if Math in Focus has more review than Math Mammoth?
  22. CLE is working (sort of) for my kids. I have to switch away from it to a non-religious curriculum (charter school rule). I printed up some Math in Focus placement tests and the kids have no idea how to do any of the mental math, haven't learned several of the things in the tests, etc. I want to make a fairly smooth transition as with my oldest switching ended up causing gaps. Math U See seems hard to place kids. I'm not understanding how it works. Each book is only one or two topics (multiplication/divison, etc)? I don't really want video based instruction either. Anyways, any suggestions? I know I need to match the kids at the level they are at. But, I do struggle with having to move them way back (5th grader doing Math in Focus 4 or ?). I do have Math Mammoth but in the past that hasn't worked well for them because they need more review, do better with spiral. I'm not really interested in Saxon. Is Singapore preferred vs Math in Focus? I do desire for my kids to understand math in the way that Singapore and MM teaches it, though that has been a bit of a struggle in the past.
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