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  1. Hello All, Can you tell me if retirement accounts are supposed to be included when calculating the expected family contribution for college? Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for a couple of options for southern California public charter schools for a friend's daughter. All ideas are welcome. Thank you for your help. CamperMom
  3. We have found the information from William Davis, M.D., in his book Wheat Belly, on pages 177-181, to be really helpful. Noticeable improvement. Hope this helps.
  4. Time Left: 11 days and 15 hours

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  5. Hello, Here is a link to a fact sheet regarding 5G from the Building Biology Institute: https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/free-fact-sheets/5g-understanding-the-technology-protection-strategies/ Hope this is helpful.
  6. Hello, We have a Coverdell ESA for our daughter. She is going to take a community college course soon (while still a high school student) and we want to use the college savings account to pay for the class. What has been your experience with withdrawing the money? Do we need to have the check sent directly to the college from the financial company? Do we have the financial company send the check to us and then we pay the college? Does the federal government need any special forms at income tax time? Thank you for your help. CamperMom
  7. Hello All, Do you know if we can use college account money to pay for a community college course before my daughter has graduated from high school? Thank you!
  8. Correction to the driver's licensing age where we live: permits at 14 1/2 and license at 15. Adding the first teen driver (girl) to our insurance causes the biggest jump in price, then to add the additional teen (boy) it is not nearly so high.
  9. It looks like we need to check with different insurance companies. The quote to add just one of our teens came in much higher than $600. And both of our cars are old!
  10. Amy, That is fascinating about getting the license as early as possible and then just not driving until later. So it is legal to have a license and not have insurance at all? I never knew! This may be a good route for us to take. In our state they will license kids at 14 1/2.
  11. CinV, We will check on the good student discount. The insurance did not list that as a discount in our quote. We'll send a transcript to them. Laura, I've not heard of the tracking program in the U.S. I wonder if we have that here. I'll ask. Thank you!
  12. Hello, We are close to having two new teen drivers in the family. The insurance soft quote is confusing and is a really big jump from what my husband and I are paying for just the two of us. What have you all done to minimize car insurance cost for your teen drivers? What should we know about as far as discounts? (We live in the U.S.) Thank you!
  13. Hello MoonHawk, My whole family started sleeping better after eliminating some of the electromagnetic pollution in the house, especially in the bedrooms. You might check to see if you have a wireless baby monitor which would be constantly transmitting microwaves, WiFi router, cell phone in the bedroom, electric clocks near the bed, "smart" meter outside near the sleeping areas. Wiring errors in the house can also cause problems with sleeping. Electromagnetic pollution can cause us to sleep fewer hours, and less soundly. There is helpful information regarding healthy sleeping at the Bu
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