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Tapestry of Grace book lists? link??

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I'm so glad that Bookshelf Central added the "all" option on the menus. The first time I visited their site since they'd redone it, I had to search on each unit, level and subject. That was a royal pain.


Thanks for noting this! I was not looking forward to going back again after that first visit.

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:001_smile: One nice thing about the format with the pictures is that I just discovered there are a couple of books on the list for next year that I own but hadn't realized it before from just reading the title.


I do that, too!


I also sometimes rebuy books I already own because the picture on the cover is different and I can't exactly, positively, definitely remember whether or not I have it. :rolleyes: That happens to me at used book sales all the time!



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I'm guilty of that too. Especially with "classics" that aren't on a list, just ones that I would like to have a copy of.


I've started a list on my iphone of the classics we own to cut down on this. Application is Toodledo. I had a list going before the iPhone on my palm as well.

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