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Neat study suggestions for this summer? Kids ae 6.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm always so impressed when I hear homeschool moms say, "we're studying Egypt this month." Or "We're the fall of Rome all spring."


I always feel like, "wow, we're reading about volcanoes. Go us!"


Anyway, I'd like to compartmentalize the summer into June, July and August. I'd love to focus on something specific and tangible.


I thought about animals like Jane Goodall's Chimps and a woman who studies Jackals etc. etc.


What do you think might be a really helpful thing to focus on for a six year old boy?





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What interests him? And are you thinking of focusing on a particular academic subject (history, science, literature?) or just whatever strikes your fancy?


My boys have most enjoyed hands-on science-oriented explorations. The favorites (I'll include links to the studies I recorded on my blog.) A pond study (we made a pond-dipping kit and went pond dipping each week: http://myfunnybunch.blogspot.com/search/label/Pond), a bird study, a study of color (http://myfunnybunch.blogspot.com/search/label/Color), and an astronomy study. Three years ago we did an ancient Egypt study with my then 5 y.o. and his older sister, and he still remembers a lot of the information.


I'd suggest heading to the library and seeing what he's most interested in reading about, then forming a study around that subject. Check out library books and search the internet for activities and information. :)



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Check out the different units/lapbooks at www.homeschoolshare.com and decide from the FREE resources they have there.


Some examples are:

1. A unit/lapbook on My Father's Dragon book

2. Lots of units/lapbooks on different animals

3. Unit/lapbook on pirates and one on knights

4. A unit/lapbook on Mr. Popper's Penguins...study penguins with this one.


I use this site a lot...especially for science. :001_smile:

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