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I've been feeling kind of dizzy lately ...

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to early February. It started out as a sinus infection and eventually became an upper respiratory infection. I have been feeling fine though. I'm just still dizzy. I can't even seem to remember if I stopped being dizzy after being sick for the two and half months.


Is there anything you know of that I can do to help this?

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With the sinus problems etc. it sounds like it could be an inner ear problem - maybe even an inner ear infection (I've had them before). One caveat though - I went into the dr. a few months ago positive that I had an inner ear infection - my ear actually hurt and I was dizzy all the time. I was kind of embarrassed when he looked in my ears and told me that my ears were impacted with wax! He irrigated the ear (you can do it yourself with a bulb syringe (the blue kind you use on baby's noses), a little bowl of warm water and a towel to catch the drips. Voila! No more dizziness!

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