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Greek/Latin Curriculum??

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My son has expressed an interest in learning Greek! I've got the Latin texts-Prima Latina which we've never successfully started or completed! :confused: However, I do plan to do it. I have a friend who is teaching both Greek and Latin!!:001_huh: I don't see me doing that, but I would like to know which might be better? I don't know anything about Greek! I've seen and pretty much understand Latin. Should I try to teach him Greek or stick with Latin? I know Latin is a wise choice for mastering the English language, but he also really wants to study Greek! Is it totally crazy to teach both?? I guess that's the big question b/c I don't want to confuse him. He is almost 11.


Also- what Greek program do you recommend?


I'm not sure if any of that made sense. I'm sorry- I've got a house full of boys and dad is out of town! :grouphug:


Thanks so much!

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My current thinking on it is to start with Greek because a) it is most important to me for them to be able to read the Bible in the original language and b) Latin is supposed to be so good to re-inforce English grammar, SATs, The National Latin exam and college credit, but all of those things come later in school. Just my way of seeing it . . . :001_smile:


If you are looking for a Greek Program; how old are your kids?

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My kids are: 11, 8, 6. All boys!


Do you have a Greek curriculum you recommend?



There is nothing I highly recommend at this point, but the only two I know of are Hey Andrew and Elementary Greek:




Here is another thread about them (go to the second and third pages to see my review of both programs.)



Hope that helps a little :001_smile:

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You can do both. It'd be a lot of work--something else would have to "give" but you could certainly do both!


I just recently read The Latin Centered Curriculum, 2nd edition and the author (who posts here from time to time as Plaid Dad) recommends studying Latin first for a few years, then tackling Greek in about Grade seven or so However, if your child is enthusiastic, I'd say strike while the fire is hot!


I highly recommend you get a hold of a copy of the book (and do get the 2nd edition!) --it will help you figure out how to organise the rest of your subjects so you aren't overwhelmed!

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We're on our 4th year of Latin (PL 1 yr, LC1 2yrs, LC2 will take this year and propably 1/2 of another). We have added in the Greek alphabet this year- just the alphabet. I wanted a gradual, low key way to get started with Greek without spending a lot of time. I purchased Elementary Greek and use the flashcards and alphabet practice sheets for learning to write the letters. Now that we know the letters, we enjoy transliterating English words into Greek as a kind of code breaking game. I'll give them a note written with Greek letters (English words). The dc get to decipher. We've also been looking up the names from Greek mythology written in Greek. We'll start EG1 in earnest next school year.






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