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For those who miss the old board... (x-post)

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This may go too fast for you, but just ask what you don't understand--we can walk you through it. It is my way of catching all the new stuff on the boards, and I thought it might help to share.


1st go into user control panel and look at any of the threads you've subscribed to and see if anything has happened on those threads.


Then go into the 1st board you visit. As you scroll down, hold the cursor over each thread that looks interesting. After reading the introductory lines, if it is, left click on it and have it open in a new tab. Continue to go down the boards until you get to the non-bold threads (which are the ones you had a chance to see the last time you were here).


You now have read through everything that have had new posts on old threads.


Take the time to go into the new tabs. Be certain that your "display mode" is in "hybrid mode", and you can look down the thread just like you did on the old board, scrolling down only when you find something you want to read. If you want to be certain to come back to this thread, open up the "thread tools" on the tool bar and subscribe to it.


When you have all those tabs read and deleted, scroll down to the bottom of the page you started on, making sure you are on page 1, and click Sort By "Threaded Started Time" and "Show Threads". This will give you a chance to read all the new threads that have been added since you last visited. Again, open new tabs for any thread that you want to read, repeating the process.


It is not quite as handy, but it does a good job of finding the posts you are interested in.


Hope it helps someone.

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Thanks for that succinct advice! Basically that's what I'm trying to do. But then, I get confused at which path I'm on and stop. It will get easier, I'm sure, just like anything with time and practice. We'll need to coach each other through these learning times just like we do when our kiddos learn something new.


My major question that I can't find an answer: How do you do get your blog (or anything else) linked without all that http:// stuff showing? I can't do it for the life of me!! Please walk me through it.

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Click on User Control Panel in the top toolbar


Click on Edit Signature on the left side of the page


In the box, type what you want your signature to say, including the title of your blog


Highlight the title of your blog and click on the little "world" with a link on top of it in the toolbar


A box will pop up and this is where you paste your blog URL or type it in.


Hit O.K.


Then you can preview and save your new signature.

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