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  1. Thanks, Claire. I had forgotten about these and will look into them. Holly
  2. Hello! I am not on the boards as much anymore. Some of you know about my son. For the newer posters, he had a congenital infection that caused deafness and other learning issues (calcification in the brain). We have followed a similar learning path as my other children, just slowed *way* down. We fumbled in the beginning with math programs and finally found Rod & Staff and have stuck with it for several years now. He just turned 12, is in 5th grade and just started the 5th grade math book. So generously speaking, he is only one year behind and I am fine with that! He is doing
  3. I started here 8 years ago. I still try hard to maintain WTM standards, with modifications for kids, as needed. I don't check in as often as I did years ago, when I got such great feedback on how to implement WTM. Part of it is that I now have a lot of experience, but part of it is a switch in people visiting. I do still get great ideas here, but the feel is definitely different. Holly S/NC
  4. Adjusting expectations takes a lot of time and work. I think the gradual method that Stacy suggested would be best. My kids know (this is our 8th year of hs) that they should absolutely never expect to do anything fun before lunch! O.K...That was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture. Mornings are for school only. No electronics, pretend games, etc. until all work is done. You can't impose that immediately, you have to work up to it. (BTW, I fulfill my part of the bargain by also just doing school from 8 to 12. No phone calls or projects...I am there to teach, coach,
  5. of 10 minutes per grade per subject. So, for 2nd grade, we used about 20 minutes of math, 20 minutes of reading, etc. We have made it to 5th grade now! :) We do roughly 45 minutes per hard, sit-at-the-desk subjects (math & grammar) and about one hour for history and science (which includes read alouds and projects and writing up one paragraph summary). This was a very gradual process. And we still take lots of breaks as needed (for jumping jacks or shooting baskets or free reading). We school from 8 until 11:30ish most days. I have warned him for 6th grade, the day wi
  6. It has a star chart for each month....on the left is the image, with the stars "connected" to show the constellations. On the right are just the plain stars. We have only been using it a few weeks, in conjunction with the astronomy event for science olympiad and have found it extremely interesting and helpful. Also, only $8 or so. HTH, Holly
  7. We are in Charlotte and have been home schooling, with WTM, for 8 years now. Holly S/NC
  8. I've been homeschooling 8 years now. Found WTM right after I started and everything just clicked with my CPA mind. I started on the old boards about 2000. Just graduated to the high school board in the last year or so, as my oldest is only 13, but doing some high school level work. The other boards got too busy for me. I have learned so much from you all. These new boards are making my nervous, I am persevering because my hs just wouldn't be the same without the collective input from the hive. Thanks, Holly S/NC
  9. Thank you, Jean. I am having a terrible time and just don't have the time to try to figure this out. Thanks for the hints! Holly:)
  10. My 13 yo has just finished Pride and Prejudice and is currently reading Glass Menagerie for school. She reads a lot and is currently working her way through all the Naruto books (shudder!). I just finished Eat, Pray, Love and am now reading Middlesex for my book club. Enjoy, Holly
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