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Such a great GS cookie idea!

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Our very good friends are in NY state. I've supported their daughters in Girl Scouts buying cookies for years. I've bought the cookies, and their parents pay the shipping and send them out to us. I'd rather just give the girls $10 and not make our friends pay shipping to us, but they insisted.


Well this year they had a great idea! This year instead of me buying cookies and getting them mailed to me, I'm buying cookies and they are donating them to their locale food bank! I love that idea! God knows I certainly don't need to be eating them! And if you are shopping at the food bank, you probably aren't spending money on little thrills like GS cookies.


It's a win-win situation. I help them, their parents don't have to pay shipping, the girls work toward their fundraising goals, the food pantry get donations, pantry shoppers get a treat, and I don't get fat!


I have to say I'm so proud of the girls for coming up with this idea.


So if your group has to sell food things, and family and friends are buying for the sake of helping out, but don't really want the cookies, candy, whatever, this is a great idea to think about!

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You have the option of buying a "Gift of Caring" --a certain amount of boxes that the troop donates. Each troop decides where they donate. My dd is in a large troop and couldn't decide, so they are donating half to a local food bank and half to returning soldiers--they are planning to be at the airport with the cookies to hand out as a greeting/thank you gift. Last year we shipped cookies to troops. We were asked not to this year. Apparently, hundreds of troops sent thousands of boxes and it was too much.

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The Girl Scouts also have a Cookies for Soldiers program. You can buy a box (or two) and they send them off to deployed soldiers. I am cookie mom for our troop this year and am planning to have our girls go help package the cookies for shipment overseas. It really touches my heart more this year now that my ds is serving in the Army. My sil was in Kuwait one year when GS cookies arrived. She said it was like Christmas morning - it hiked up everyone's spirits.

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