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Needed: earth science (geology, weather, ecosystems) resource


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I am in the process of creating a Squidoo lens for Geology... it is still in progress (as I'll continue to add to it as we progress - we just started a geology unit upon the request of my kiddos - I had intended on doing life sciences this year but they kept asking ?s about earth & space).




There are links to texts, online videos, and lapbooking resources. I hope you can find something of use.

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Not a spine, but there are some great projects in this book, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis: Projects and Principles for Beginning Geologists. This series of science and applied science books is so good, I purchase new additions without checking them out of the library first. This one is brand spanking new and arrived last month. :) Most of the series would be appropriate for Gr. 4 and up, but this one could be easily adapted for a younger child. There's no Search Inside at Amazon, but each chapter is comprised of theory and experiments/demonstrations. Experiments cover:


  • plate tectonics
  • liquefaction
  • convection
  • tsunami in a tub
  • seismic waves (several projects)
  • strength of water
  • building a seismometer
  • pendulums (with an eye to...)
  • building a seismograph
  • predicting earthquakes and assessing risk
  • earthquake proofing construction techniques (several projects)
  • some volcano projects
  • geothermal energy (uses a generator, but has several suggestions for affordable parts)

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