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aargh! My first empty Amazon box arrived...

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and of course it was my new black I-Pod Classic I ordered for myself!!!


Need I add that I was on the phone with Amazon within 60 seconds (and a new one should be on the way asap)....plus I also emailed (before I saw how to 'phone them).


Still - AARRGH!!!!!!!


AARRGH is right! An empty Amazon box! What's sadder than that?!


Did they give you a hassle at all? (I'm guessing not since you said a new one should be on the way.) I've never had that happen, but now I'm going to be askeered!

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No hassle at all - of course, I buy heaps from them and only twice in a zillion years had to return anything, so my record is pretty clean with them. The lady at the other end of the line (India?;)) said that they can trace stuff from their end so sounds like they are used to having to replace stolen stuff.


Now - if they had pulled up my account and saw that I had reported missing items on a monthly basis....

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Next time you all receive a package from Amazon, check to see if they sent the correct order receipt with your order. Twice this month I received two packages from Amazon. Both packages contained the correct items but someone else's order receipt. This didn't really bother me. I found it interesting to see what other people were ordering from Amazon. The first receipt someone ordered three books on gardening mulching technique. The second receipt someone ordered two books on teaching elementary school science. I just hope whoever received my order receipts found my order just as fascinating.




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