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Non-Plastic Bento Box

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In an effort to go more green/healthy, dh is going to try to start packing a lunch. He's not a big sandwich guy, so I thought a bento box would be perfect.


All the ones that I am finding have plastic compartments on the inside. We're trying to avoid storing food in plastic, especially since it would ideally be warm.


Do you know of any that have compartments that are not plastic?




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We buy from J-list (shipping is not cheap from Japan, though) and they have lacquered bentos and the aluminum bento shown in the link below. Their service is excellent and their products have held up well.

Disclaimer: if you go to j-list's site, they have two portals to enter....one is for over 18 years old and contains adult items. We have never chosen that option, but it's there.






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Actually I had to look up "bento box", but I hae seen these in the store. I also looked at all the links you have been given so far. Too cool. I wish DH would pack a lunch, but I did get him to start buying food he can nuke in the lunch room and that has helped the budget. He has the absolutely worst eating habits, and is my pickiest eater. Unfortunately, as the kids got older (now 12 & 17) they decided that "do as I say and not as I do" is hokum. Sigh :(

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Ya'll found some great options! Thank you!


I also found some wooden bento boxes on ebay.


There is this one that has stainless steel containers stored in a plastic thermos so that it stays warm:



I would love to buy one of these:


They are gorgeous! Do you think old enamelware is safe to use?


I will probably end up ordering the one from Pearl River that someone listed above or this to go ware one:



Thanks for your help.



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