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Flexjobs? Also, tutoring centers?


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Maybe a year ago??? someone recommended this site to happiduck, but I followed up with her and she didn't end up using it. Has anyone used it more recently that can recommend it? It requires payment to access the information so I am wondering if it is worth it.

Also I am wondering if anyone has experience working for a local tutoring center and can relay pluses/minuses.

I am likely going to need an evening job to help pay bills, so I am exploring options.  

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I work for a local private tutoring centre. Pluses are no admin as clients are brought to me, and I don’t have to maintain premises, insurance or anything and my boss is really lovely to work for and lot of extra support and ideas and resources shared when struggling. Downsides are sometimes have unpaid gaps where students are sick or absent, and I guess slightly less autonomy as to what to teach or how. Also sometimes when students leave you don’t get to know how they went long term, which can be a bit sad when you’ve worked hard with them. I think working for a chain would be a different experience. The kids are mostly so nice and it’s a great way to use the skills you have from homeschooling. Downside with having an afternoon/evening job is it really limits available time for kids sports and activities.

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I spent a few years working for a nationally recognized tutoring center and eventually ended up as the full-time Director of Education.  It remains my favorite job ever, and I only left because I was having a baby.

The biggest positive was also the biggest negative.  The center was in charge of the curriculum!  In most cases, I had little flexibility but to work through the skills selected according to the initial assessment testing.  But that also meant that all my time was spent working with kids, not planning lessons.

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