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Rod & Staff Math 2nd grade


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Do I want the 2020 or 1992 edition? I was at the homeschool store today but they didn’t have a full set of either edition. I flipped through a ‘92 TG and it seemed fine but the workbooks for 2020 seem a little less dreary. Then again, I can probably grab the ‘92 second hand for a little cheaper. Idk.

Anyone used both editions and have opinions? 

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The 2020 version is better, imo. I spoke to R&S back before the updates were made and was told the newer editions were being made to help students make a smoother transition from their 3rd grade math to 4th grade math. The updated 2nd and 3th grade will be harder than the previous edition and the 4th grade (when it is released) will be a bit easier. My plan for my younger children will be to use the new updated editions of grades 1-3 because I've personally used their previous edition of 3rd (along with the supplemental workbook) and the jump from that to their 4th grade was harder than it should have to be. I'm not planning on buying the newer 4th grade edition when it becomes available because I already have all the grades (through 8th), at this point. 😂

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28 minutes ago, AnneGG said:

@Servant4Christthank you! 

Do you think I could skip part 1 for a child that has math facts 0-20 mastered? Our main issue is regrouping and multi digits. 

I'm not sure. Looking at my TM, more than just math facts are covered. Clocks, money, skip counting, simple story problems, and smaller basic fractions.... Give me a minute and I'll add a couple of pictures of lessons toward the last part of the first workbook (from my TM)

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