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Science for Multiple grades

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We use Berean Builders. This next year my oldest (7th grade) will be doing his own level of Berean Builders, but the rest of the kids will just be cycling through the elementary books again.  There are student work books if you want to use them, although not required.

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Welcome! I see by your post count that you are new! 😄 

Ages 8, 10, 12 sounds like roughly grades 4, 5, 6 -- would something like one of these work?
Exploration Education (gr. 4-6) - physical science
- Noeo Science (gr. 4-6) -- choice of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

Or Mr. Q's Science (the classic series is for ages 7-12)
- Life Science -- the entire program is a free download
- Earth Science
- Chemistry
- Physics

Or a few Ellen McHenry units? 
- The Brain (ages 8-14)
- Botany in 8 Lessons (ages 8-14)
- Rocks & Dirt (ages 10-14)

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I'm sure you know about Apologia's Elementary series with notebooks.

Real Science 4 Kids Building Blocks series: just start with Bk 1 and do it with all the kids

Home Science Tools has kits for much of what we have all suggested.

BFSU bk 1 or this one that makes BFSU easier to use.


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Science in the Ancient World by Jay Wile is a Christian curriculum that combines history and science that would work really well for all those ages.  It has different workbooks for different age levels starting at grade 2 (older student and oldest student workbooks).   I haven't used the workbooks personally but I love the textbook and experiments.

For your oldest, if you wanted to add in more reading you could add reading from The Story of Science by Joy Hakim (secular curriculum combining history and science...that's respectful of religion).  I think Science in the Ancient world is actually better for explaining the science, but The Story of Science does a better job at telling the story of the scientists and how they and their ideas fit into and changed history. 


This free unit study is another one combining history and science (something we loved to do in our family) and is great for those ages (I did sections of this with an 12 year old and 7 year old.   It does not have a workbook componant though (it has a story you read about a Viking man and his family, and experiments/activities you do to learn about science topics related to Viking life/times.  https://edu.rsc.org/resources/experiment-with-the-vikings/1940.article   


Another free unit study that I think would work for both these ages is The Good and the Beautiful's Marine Biology Unit Study.   They have different workbooks for different ages. 



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