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The Tired Teacher Teachers Lounge 8-13-2019


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I know, I know. How can I be tired already? Because I tried to go to sleep early last night but every time I was about to sleep
someone in the house made a noise that woke me up (guilty parties: daughter, son, husband, cat, dog, you name it!). UGH.
Working on the coffee this morning.  Anyway, now you know why today's them is what it is!

Welcome to the Lounge! Come in, sit back, relax, and take a load off. Have some tea or coffee, maybe a snack (we have some gluten-free brownies
today as well as cantaloupe, blueberries, and bananas. I could even make some hot Italian chicken sausage patties, if you'd like - after my nap! 😉

What's going on in your world today? Here: see above. And also, I just realized it-s 0830 here and I was supposed to be writing for the last hour and a half.
Looks like I'll be rescheduling that for later in the day! I really do need that nap evidently...

What is your wake up beverage of choice? Here: usually coffee but some days, like today, I have to boost that with a fizzy chaser!

Anyone do a co-op of studies at their home? Here: we haven't but I'm really considering maybe doing a Biology one. I'd love my son to have ONE class with friends
but personally I think the formalized co-ops here are a bit pricey!

Talk to me! 👂 

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It's nice to take a break for a minute!

Today I had a whole list of things to do and so far, about half got done.  The rain came earlier than expected so my outside work is being put off.  Instead, I'm getting into the nitty-gritty of planning history.  I mean, I have it planned, I just need to make sure I have all supplies ready to go, including print outs, and put it in Skedtrack along with our first resources.

My usual wake up drink is coffee.  I get lazy about making a pot if dh is working odd shifts and easily switch to tea, but for the most part, strong, black coffee.

We are not doing a co-op in our home this year.  I've done it in the past and it usually works out well.  We had one where the bulk of the class wouldn't show up because of a lack of discipline in the two families and I decided to be more selective from then on.  We are doing a science class in someone else's home, and that has been a great experience for us over the past year or so.  This year I'm putting together the fall lessons and it'll be just about 5 kids total between the three families.

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Hi Scrap! I can totally understand the fatigue from lack of sleep. Sorry you're going through that, but hope you get the rest you need tonight!

We haven't started school yet. I only have one homeschooler left this year. He's going into 8th grade, and a good independent worker. We do a mini-coop with 2 other families. It's usually at another family's home. There are 3 boys in the "class." It's mostly set up as an opportunity for the boys and the moms to socialize. 😉 

My beverage of choice/need in the morning is coffee in the form of a latte. I love the hot milk and espresso!

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Well, I did get a nap in - but I'm still tired. Might be from last night, or maybe just from the nap. Pretty sure my son is feeling restless because he's been cooped up inside
these past two days (it's too hot to really do anything out side here). And I'm feeling antsy myself. And tired. And irritable. Oi!

Hope everyone is having a MUCH better day than I am!

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