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Middle School Writing???

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I just bought it to use with d's and plan to start it next week. I had planned to my own thing but decided following a program would be good for this kidand give me less to think about. Reading through it looks very easy to implement and like it breaka things down in manageable pieces, I think it will be a good fit.

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We used Jump In for 8th grade with struggling writer DS#2, and it worked well in helping him think of what to say, and how to organize his thoughts/writing. We did adapt the program, as it is designed to take 2 years, as after each unit you are supposed to set the student book aside for 4 weeks of "free writing" using the prompts in the teacher book. However, we felt the prompts were all way too similar and rather lame, and so we skipped that and instead 1x/week both 8th grade DS and 9th grade DS and myself practiced timed essay writing from past SAT test essay prompts. That allowed us to complete Jump In in just 1 year, plus do some very valuable essay writing practice.

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