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  1. Thanks everyone for your input!
  2. Hello All Anyone use Jump In middle school composition by Sharon Watson? Curious to hear thoughts and opinions from those who have experience with it. Thanks!
  3. Mystery Science. No prep required except the gathering of simple supplies or printing the provided PDF's. The way we did it is to watch the exploration portion on day 1, then I would preview the Activity and do any printing/gathering of supplies. Day 2 we would do the Activity. Day 3 & 4 my kiddos would do the Extras and/or read books from the library (or from what we own) on the topic. Extremely easy to implement, the kiddos loved it and learned quite a bit.
  4. My DS (12 yr. old) is finishing up Saxon 8/7 in a couple months. He typically scores 90% or above on the tests and 80% or above on the mixed practice. He is always required to correct any missed problems and does so with no trouble for the most part. Occasionally, I need to go over a concept with him but it usually doesn't take too much effort before he "gets it". I already own all the Chalkdust math (pre-algebra through pre-calc) from my older boys. However, for some reason, I'm concerned about him going straight from 8/7 to Chalkdust Algebra I. (maybe because my older boys always did pre-a
  5. Can't believe #4 is in 7th! Pretty sure this is the plan: Keyboarding: TypingClub.com Spelling: Natural Speller Grammar: Rod & Staff 7 Writing: second have of WWS Level 1 & Killgallon Paragraph--He has REALLY enjoyed and learned so much from sentence composing! Vocabulary: Vocab. from Classical Roots book A Literature: he is a voracious reader so I'm still picking all the titles but will be pulled from early modern history Math: Chalkdust PreAlgebra Science: RS4K building blocks / probably join younger bro when he does Mystery Science because they love
  6. Still working out some things but here is what I am thinking so far: Keyboarding: Typing Club.com Spelling: Spelling Workout E Grammar: Rod & Staff 5 Writing: IEW B Vocab.: Wordly Wise book 5 Lit.: still have to choose titles but will coordinate with Early Modern History Math: Saxon 6/5 Science: RS4K & Mystery Science History: SOTW Vol. 3 and extra reading/resources from the library, maybe History Odyssey? Dropping logic for next year to do Tech: Alice & EV3 projects Language: Latin for Children book B Fine Arts Co-op: Guitar, Choir o
  7. My hubby and I are in the process of researching less expensive places to live and are seriously considering moving. We currently live in New Jersey and homeschool our boys. I love homeschooling in NJ because it is hassle free and we are a part of some incredible co-ops (one fine arts centered and one academic). Financially it has become increasingly difficult to live in this state! (especially with such a "large" family--we have 5 dc). We have homeschooled for 2 years now and follow a classical education. We are considering moving to Georgia since we have some family there--possibly Athens or
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