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You can have hydrocodone-acetaminophen or IV-morphine (!!) but not. . .


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If they are offering Vicodin/Loratab or morphine then they are probably expecting that you are in a moderate to severe amount of pain. If you are wanting just plain Tylenol, then they are probably expecting that it will take a pretty hefty dose to take the edge off the pain they think you are in. Then you have think about risk to your stomach lining and kidney function. They don't want to give you plain tylenol only to have you discover that it's not helping and then you are more limited in what you can take because you don't want to double up on the acetaminophen by taking Vicodin/Loratab after you have taken plain tylenol that isn't helping. If the doctor has already approved the Vicodin/Loratab or Morphine as pain relief choices based on the amount of pain they expect you to be in, I can see why they would want the dr's approval before administering something else that might not be effective enough for your expected pain level.

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Yeah. I understood the rules and the reasons behind them but it doesn't necessarily help at the time.  I went in with severe uncontrolled pain.  It was finally diagnosed and the underlying condition was being treated which made the pain much more tolerable.  When I asked for the Tylenol, I just had a headache and general body aches.  Stronger meds seemed like drastic overkill.

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