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Animal LA Suggestions


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DD will be in 6th grade next year and she has asked me if all of her language arts could be based on animal books. This girl LOVES to read, especially books with animals in them. 

I know there are some Brave Writer Arrows for animal books. I don’t want to do a literature guide for every single thing, but I do want to make sure we cover everything. 

So give me your suggestions!!!

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Just a few ideas to jump start people suggesting titles for you:

Pick 3 to do with lit guides (1 every 12 weeks):
- My Side of the Mountain (George) -- boy living in the wilderness with a hawk
- The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (Kelly) -- girl and nature
- Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH (O'Brien) -- fantasy/talking animals adventure
- Pax (Pennypacker) -- a fox and a boy struggling to survive a war
- Sounder (Armstrong) -- warning: dog and dad die

Classics with animals:
- Black Beauty (Sewell)
- The Reluctant Dragon (Grahame)
- Just So Stories (Kipling)
- The Jungle Book (Kipling)
- The Velveteen Rabbit (Williams) -- toy rabbit that becomes real
- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Carroll) -- Alice encounters talking animals
- Redwall (Jacques) -- fantasy/talking animals Medieval-type setting
- Where the Red Fern Grows (Rawls) -- warning: BOTH dogs die

Enjoy as good books:
- The Incredible Journey (Burnford) -- 2 dogs and a cat travel cross-country to find their family
- Daughter of the Mountain -- Nepal girl travels into India to regain her kidnapped dog
- The Black Stallion (Farley) -- teen boy shipwrecked with a wild horse
- Kildee House (Rutherford) -- gentle old man/naturalist lives in the woods, and animals move in with him
- The Great Turkey Walk (Karr) -- just before the Civil War, a teen boy drives a flock of turkeys across country
- Gentle Ben (Morey) -- human and bear adventures
- Big Red (Kjelgaard) -- human and dog adventures
- Rascal (North) -- misadventures with a raccoon
- Summer of the Monkeys (Rawls) -- misadventures with escaped circus monkeys
- Because of Winn-Dixie (DiCamillo) -- girl and dog in a small town
- Hoot (Hiaasen) -- kid misadventures saving endangered owls
- The One and Only Ivan -- or -- Crenshaw (Applegate)
- Poppy (Avi) -- talking mouse adventures
- One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Smith)
- The Rescuers; Miss Bianca; The Turret; Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines; Miss Bianca in the Orient (Sharp) -- adventure with humor; talking mice
- The Mouse and the Motorcycle (Cleary) -- talking mouse
- Ben and Me -- or -- Mr. Revere and I  (Larsen) -- talking mouse & Ben Franklin, or talking horse and Paul Revere
- Trumpet of the Swan (White) -- humorous; talking swans
- The Horse and His Boy (Lewis) -- or other Narnia book (all have talking animals)

Nonfiction as good reads -- or to go with Life Science/Zoology as your Science:
- Oh Rats: Story of People and Rats (Marrin)
- Moonbird: A Year on the Wind (Hoose)
- Mercy The Incredible Story of Henry Bergh, Founder of the ASCPA and Friend to Animals (Furstinger)
- The Girl Who Drew Butterflies (Sidman)
- Usborne Internet Linked Animal World
- a book on dinosaurs
- a book on marine animals
- Zoo Book magazines of interest to your DD

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Depending on where she is at in Language Arts, ELTL's level D is animal heavy: Black Beauty, The Book Of Dragons, Heidi...but I will say my then-11yo really enjoyed Moving Beyond The Page's lit guide for My Side Of The Mountain (ages 9-11) and it definitely encouraged a love of animals for him (the program pairs it up with a picture book on Thoreau and researching hawk environments).

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Here's a few I didn't see others mention...

Watership Down
Bambi's Children*
*Don't let the Disney film fool you...the original Bambi books are real literature, not twaddle...and really good.

Dragongonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums by Anne McCaffrey (her other books with the same setting are definately for adults...but these are for pre-teens/children)
Wings of Fire (book for pre-teens about dragons, but has some mature content...I'd preview)

So, Janette Oke has a whole series of books featuring different animals.   It says it's for ages 7-10, but I think an 11 year old might enjoy them too.  You can find them by googling Janette Oke Children's books.

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