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Econ study sites?


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Is it macroeconomics or microeconomics?  

Many of the textbooks will have online study materials; if the professor follows the book closely (or uses the test bank for exams) I would start with those resources because the notation and vocabulary used will be consistent.

 This site http://www.cambridge.org/gb/titles/microeconomics-mbas-economic-way-thinking-managers-2nd-edition/ has some videos; it is a book that is for microeconomics for MBA students.  But, some of the videos are on basic topics like supply and demand that may be helpful.   


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Dc says that there are no online study materials and that the book is terribly confusing.  I have no idea what it is.  I'll share the link.  Thanks!


ETA:  Rats.  This is micro.  Dc is studying macro.  I'll look through the site to see if there is another book with videos....

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For comprehensive videos, agree Thinkwell is good but not free. For free resources, I can recommend the following:

Marginal Revolution University - This is one of my favorite resources. Concise and engaging videos on Micro/Macro and other econ topics. These are great for getting an overview. They do spend time on graphing but not in tremendous detail. Recommend watching this before reading the economics textbook. Only caveat: missing some topics covered in std courses.

Reffonomics - Videos and powerpoint type presentations that review the major points.  Nice way to review and assimilate the information after you have read the economic textbook.

ACDC Economics aka Clifford Economics - This is a very popular resource for AP Econ. students but personally not a great fan. Videos are fast paced and high energy. 

The Economics Classroom aka Welker Economics - Another popular resource for AP Econ. Videos are slower paced and very thorough. 

jodiecongirl @ youtube - Videos on general concepts but what I find most valuable are the Practice Problem videos where she shows how to solve actual problems in textbooks. She uses more challenging problems and gives a detailed explanation. These are critical for really applying the concepts.

Regardless of which textbook dc is using, I recommend the Study Guide for McConnell & Brue (covers both micro/macro). Very thorough, lots of problems, with answers at the back. I bought a few other study guides but this was my favorite.







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